Tribeca Film Festival

7th June 2023 - 18th June 2023

Critic’s View:

New York City has long been renowned as one of the world’s key cultural centres, and following the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, plans were put in place to revive the artistic spirit and identity of the Lower Manhattan region. The Tribeca Film Festival is a celebration of the tenacious and creative spirit of NYC, growing year on year to become one of the greatest cinema and art events on Earth today.

It’s an opportunity for movie lovers to mark the key role New York City has played in cinematic history, while also championing rising talent in the industry. Furthermore, Tribeca features some seriously impressive parties, galas and adjacent events, making Lower Manhattan even more colourful, vibrant and unmissable than usual.

What’s On:

Visitors to the 2023 iteration of the Tribeca Film Festival will uncover a vibrant, dynamic and bold deep-dive into contemporary cinema, alongside a wealth of other cultural treasures. Concerts, street markets, family-friendly events and varied discussions on diverse community subjects will be taking place through Lower Manhattan. Naturally, these will be accompanied by glamorous screenings and a host of celebrity-studded parties and galas, perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in New York high society.

As well as being a celebration of film, Tribeca is a festival of fashion and daring haute couture culture too. 2022’s festival red carpet featured key moments from Tom Ford, Chanel and Ralph Lauren, and stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson and Jessica Chastain made their mark on the festival opening. Chanel usually holds a gala dinner in celebration of women’s contribution to the film industry – a hot ticket indeed – and the official Tribeca Gala (which includes a handful of screenings and a star-studded guestlist) will return with a tour de force of celebrity attendees in 2023.

Norman Reedus participates in a panel in 2019 at Tribeca. Image courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

After Parties

The most contested Tribeca Film Festival tickets are – of course – for the opening night party and closing night gala, which involve immersive exhibitions, private screenings and a chance to be at the table with the festival’s most elite guests. An assortment of private parties associated with various studios, premieres and launches will also be taking place across Lower Manhattan, with limited access and exclusive invitations for those lucky enough to be on the list.

Many individual screenings and premieres have their own after parties, allowing fans seeking VIP experiences plenty of options from which to choose. Venues like The River (which in 2022 hosted the after party for Roving Woman) go all-out to provide a luxury hospitality atmosphere for all involved.

Featured Accommodation

As a bustling major metropolis, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to stay in and around the Lower Manhattan region of New York. Those planning on attending the opening night or closing night gala of Tribeca Film Festival could consider the following partnered hotels:

  • The Beekman
  • Hotel 50 Bowery
  • Gildhall
  • Modernhaus Soho
  • Smyth Tribeca


Tickets for all Tribeca Film Festival screenings and events are available via the official website and associated services.

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