A private membership for the world's elite

Custom solid-gold debit card,
Tailored financial services,
Lifestyle and travel experiences

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Custom Solid-Gold Debit Card

Each Aurae member receives a custom-designed solid gold card. Cards are engraved, enameled, and inlaid with jewels to the preference of each member.

Lifestyle and Travel Experiences

Aurae members have full access to Aurae Lifestyle, a dedicated concierge team for Aurae members.
Services Include:

  • Travel Planning
  • Ticket Procurement
  • Exclusive Event Access
  • Members-Only Retreats

Tailored Financial Services

The card isn’t the only thing that is personalized. Aurae financial services cater to the high-net-worth client.
Aurae Wallet Features:

  • Highest Spending Limits in the World
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Global Payment Processing
  • Fast and Simple Currency Exchange
  • Private Payment Networks