Popular destinations are popular for a reason, and while they can be beautiful and exciting, they are not everything the world has to offer. Like valuable treasures, some destinations are hidden away, far from the commercial eye, making those lucky enough to visit them not only boast a new gem in their passport, but enjoy a more authentic experience as they discover virgin vistas, rich cultures, and authentic cuisines. Why go where everyone has already been when you can blaze your own trail in an adventure of a lifetime with these carefully selected destinations. Whatever your ideal vacation is, all you have to do is pick the destination and we’ll take care of the rest to ensure you have an adventure of a lifetime!


So get your passport ready and fly with us on a journey like no other.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Found between the majestic Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers, Luang Praban is a UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason. It is, truly, a hidden treasure known for its natural and cultural wonders, timeless beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Luang Prabang enjoys a tropical climate, which naturally means there are distinct wet and dry seasons. However, the best time to visit is during the dry season, when you can enjoy beautifully sunny days, pleasant warm weather and minimal rain. With the perfect weather, there is nothing to stop you from exploring the city and all its surroundings.



What to do?

Luang Prabang boasts a rich cultural heritage, meaning you will enjoy a plethora of experiences to make your trip truly memorable. For the early risers, you will be able to witness the fascinating alms-giving ceremony, where saffron-robed monks walk through the streets and offer blessings for those giving souls that offer them food. It is, for lack of a better word, a humbling experience.


Rightfully famous for its gorgeous temples, Luang Prabang is adorned with magnificent temples like the unparalleled Wat Xieng Thong, which is an absolute masterpiece of traditional Lao architecture carefully adorned with gold carving. Explore Wat Mai and Wat Visoun, one known for its stunning golden bas-reliefs and the other for its iconic watermelon-shaped stupa. Each temple is more beautiful than the other, and they all offer a glimpse into the spiritual fabric of Laos.


Wat Xieng Thong. Luang Prabang, Laos


For those passionate about sports, the heart of Luang Prabang holds the iconic Mount Phousi. You can climb the steps and be rewarded with panoramic views of the city, the beautiful Mekong River and the surrounding landscapes once you reach the summit. Tip: The impressive panoramic views are especially breathtaking during sunrise or sunset.


What to eat?

It is no surprise that Laotian food is a perfect fusion of flavors and textures. Whether you try aromatic laap, khao soi or sticky rice, you are set to enjoy every single bite of absolute deliciousness bursting with fresh herbs and spices. The night market, besides being unmissable in your list of activities, is a real-life paradise for all the food lovers and the gastronomically adventurous, offering a variety of authentic delicacies and snacks that you will not want to miss.



Amalfi Coast, Italy

Located amongst the picturesque coastline of southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is effortlessly luxurious and an icon for a reason. Breathtaking and a magnet for travel enthusiasts that revel in beauty, delicious food, charm and a hint of glamor. Nestled in the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast enjoys beautiful weather with mild winters and warm summers. There is never a bad time to visit the Amalfi Coast, though the best time is arguably late spring to early autumn, when the weather is fabulous and the towns thrive. Prepare to bask in the sun next to crystal-clear turquoise waters, revel in stunning vistas and warm Mediterranean allure.


Iconic cliff hanging architecture in Amalfi, Italy.


Activities at the Amalfi Coast are vast and you are sure to find something for every type of traveler, whether you enjoy leisurely walks along cliffside paths to yacht parties and exploring charming seaside towns. Like our destination previously mentioned, the Amalfi Coast is deeply rooted in its history. You will find awe-inspiring Roman ruins and strong medieval architecture that is sure to transport you beyond centuries. You can pick where to start your journey, whether that is the town of Amalfi itself, the iconic village of Positano, Ravello, or the enchanting Island of Capri! Each destination has its own spectacular enchantment, from pastel-colored houses to panoramic views of the sea and, for the wine connoisseurs, fantastic terraced vineyards. 


What to do?

There is no shortage of activities at the Amalfi Coast. Popular interests include exploring the beautiful streets adorned with colorful houses cascading down the cliffside, visiting the magnificent Cathedral of St. Andrew, wander through elegant boutiques, artisanal shops and distinguished antique stores. No trip to the Amalfi Coast would be complete without paying a visit to the iconic Villa Cimbrone in the village of Ravello, with its stunning “Terrace of Infinity.”

Though the Amalfi Coast is known for its relaxation and luxury, adventurous hearts can embark on a unique boat tour to the enchanting island of Capri, where hidden grottos and azure waters decorate your journey until you reach the streets of Capri Town. Don’t forget to visit the scenic Gardens of Augustus or the gorgeous heights of Mount Solaro. End your day in a traditional lemon farm, a little taste of paradise where you can indulge in a refreshing tasting and culinary experience.


View from Restaurant in Positano, Italy. Editorial credit: Jose R Garcia Cuevas / Shutterstock.com


What to eat?

It’s Italy! There is nothing besides absolute delicacies and the Amalfi Coast boasts some of the country’s most delectable dishes. Having the ocean so close means fresh seafood is a specialty. Try scialatielli and zuppa di pesce, add some buffalo mozzarella and pair it with beautiful local wines. Follow your meal with a flavorful sfogliatella, a delicious pastry filled with sweet ricotta or delicate citrus-infused cream, and end your day with a glass of traditional Limoncello.


Grilled squid with fresh lemon.


Whether you choose to relax on a yacht, enjoy a magnificent culinary experience or explore the unparalleled beauty and charm of all the picturesque villages along your journey, the Amalfi Coast will create postcard-worthy memories to last a lifetime.


Ko Lanta, Thailand

A gem in Thailand’s crow, where turquoise waters meet lush jungles as the vibrant culture blends in with the serenity of the atmosphere. A real life tropical paradise with warm weather year-round and abundant opportunities for unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, or an electrifying venture, the serene beauty of Ko Lanta embraces the essence of pure bliss. Stay by the beach for a relaxing escapade, or in a tree house for an experience like no other. There is a reason why so many expats found their secret sanctuary in this little corner of the earth off the coast of Thailand.


National Park of Koh Lanta, Thailand.


What to do?

From bar hopping, to beach hopping to actual island hopping, Ko Lanta is filled of activities and experiences that ensure not one day is dull. Relax on powdery white sands, take a boat to visit the nearby islands of Phi Phi, Koh Haa and Koh Rok, and explore the trek as you head to Klong Chak Waterfall for a dip in the natural pool with crystal-clear waters. A popular diving destination for beginners and experienced divers alike, in Ko Lanta you will find numerous diving sites and opportunities to encounter marine life as it swims around picturesque coral reefs. Feel the awe that comes from swimming with manta rays and sea turtles, or discover the biodiversity of Mu Ko Lanta National Park, home to hornbills and playful monkeys. Whether you decide on taking cooking classes, go on a fishing trip or attend a yoga retreat, Ko Lanta allows travelers to customize their experience as they enjoy the tropical paradise.


Swim in the crystalline waters of Ko Lanta.


What to eat?

The culinary scene is alive and intrepid, with a variety of seafood that includes grilled fish, prawns, crabs and squid, to Pad Thai, green curry and Tom Yum, an iconic soup with aromatic flavors and a perfect blend of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, shrimp, chili and more. Indulge in some Som Tum, a refreshingly spicy green papaya salad, or give Massaman and Panang Curry a try, known for its rich flavor and aromatic taste. End your meal with the delightful Mango Sticky Rice, where sweet and ripe mangoes are delicately paired with coconut-infused sticky rice. Whatever you desire, Ko Lanta will delight your senses in a true gastronomic paradise.

Traditional Thai dishes.


San Blas Islands, Panama

The San Blas Islands is an archipelago consisting of more than 350 pristine islands. Tropical with warm temperatures all year round, the San Blas Islands is home to the indigenous Guna Yala people. The best time to visit is from December to April, perfect for enjoying the sun kissed beaches and calm seas. A trip to the San Blas Islands is a voyage to new cultures, as you can immerse yourself in the culture of the Guna Yala, who pride themselves in their heritage, vibrant traditional clothing and their indigenous traditions. A true paradise for nature lovers, you can enjoy crystal-clear waters filled with colorful marine life, slow down and enjoy a slow-paced vacation.


Yandup Island Lodge in Kuna Indian Territory. San Blas, Panama.


What to do?

You will have plenty to do as you explore the culture of the Guna Yala people, known for their deep connection to their land and utmost respect for the sea, as well as their warm hospitality. As you explore the islands, make sure to visit their traditional villages and witness their skillful artistry to create molas. What is a mola? Well, gorgeous and intricate textile panels that depict the Guna Yala’s legends, history and traditions. One of the highlights of visiting the Islands is their stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, powdery white sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation. With the abundance of marine fauna, snorkeling and diving are popular activities in this tropical paradise. Abundant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, sea turtles and a shipwreck or two, are just a few of the wonders that the San Blas Islands have to offer.


Underwater view of marine life in the Caribbean Sea, Panama.


Thanks to its secluded nature, the San Blas Islands are the perfect opportunity for stargazing, lounging in a hammock and disconnecting from the outside world.


What to eat?

The Guna Yala cuisine showcases fresh seafood as its centerpiece, featuring coconut-infused lobster, crab dishes from locally sourced crabs, grilled fish and more! And nothing quenches thirst after a long day of swimming and tanning like coconut water. Nothing is off limits when you stay at one of San Blas many all inclusive accommodations, making your stay even more memorable.


Fresh seafood ceviche.


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Another hidden gem in a world of treasure, you’ll find Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala. Surrounded by majestic volcanoes, tranquil waters and thick green hills. The Lake, like a portal to another world, perfectly mirrors the ever-changing colors of the sky, creating wonderful and unique works of art. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by captivating indigenous villages, each completely unique with their very own cultures and traditions.


View of Lake Atitlan and the Volcano San Pedro in the highlands of Guatemala.


What to do?

A local market is never a bad place to start, and in the village of Panajachel you will find delicate textiles, handmade crafts and traditional indigenous garments. If you are spiritually inclined and enjoy having a connection with your surroundings and higher self, the picturesque village of Santiago Atitlan is perfect for you. Famous for its spiritual energy and Mayan traditions, you will find multiple religions coexisting in perfect balance. The Church of Santiago Apostol is paramount for both Mayan and Catholic spiritual practices, showcasing the equilibrium between faiths. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to meet Maximon, also referred to as El Gran Abuelo, a spiritual guide and ancestral divinity. Take a moment to participate in a traditional ceremony, witness Mayan rituals, or master the ancient art of backstrap weaving.


Nature lovers rejoice, as Lake Atitlan does not fall short in its opportunities for exploration. From hikes through the lush hills to the breathtaking views of volcanoes and the lake, discovering a hidden waterfall and witnessing captivating fauna is no surprise at Lake Atitlan.


A popular activity is kayaking on Lake Atitlan.


What to eat?

Lake Atitlan enjoy both traditional and contemporary restaurants, making the gastronomic scene as exciting to explore. Traditional flavors of Guatemalan cuisine vary depending on each region, but hearty stews are a consistent delight. Don’t forget to try Pepian, a Guatemalan staple, is made with a blend of spices and served with rice and tortillas. Fresh tropical fruits and coffee are also a must on your adventurous to-do list. No Mayan experience would be complete without discovering the secret of cacao traditions, so engage in a chocolate-making workshop or cacao ceremony like no other.


Traditional Guatemalan candy.


Whatever you decide to do in Lake Atitlan, this idyllic destination will embrace you with its natural splendor, captivating landscapes, and vibrant cultural heritage. From a relaxing spa getaway to an adventurous anthropological experience, Lake Atitlan has an option for anyone and everyone.


Havelock Island, India

The Andaman Islands of India hold a captivating gem: Havelock Island. Known for pristine beaches, a peaceful ambiance and vibrant marine life, Havelock Island is a treasure of the Andaman archipelago and an unforgettable destination. Picture this, you are laying on white sands, feeling the refreshing breeze as it hits your sunkissed tan and you enjoy a tropical cocktail. Redhangar Beach is ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and the perfect place to spend your days sunbathing, taking walks along the shore, and cooling off with a refreshing splash in the crystal-clear waters that surround the Island.


Beach shore in Havelock Island.


What to do?

Whether you are a lover of the relaxing, the indulgent and the luxurious, or you are an adventurous at heart, Havelock Island has something for you. Extraordinary snorkeling and intrepid diving opportunities for you to dive into the lively underwater world, discover a treasure trove of coral reefs and come face to face with a myriad of tropical fish. Head over to Elephant Beach, one of the most popular spots for admiring a kaleidoscope of colors under the water. If you prefer activities on land, you can immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Island and visit villages with talented locals that embrace their traditions and heritage. Witness traditional dance performances, appreciate the skill behind intricate seashell jewelry and handicrafts and enjoy every second of your stay in the Island. Not excited enough? How about keeping your eyes open to spot endemic bird species flying in the sky, contrasted only by luscious forests and playful monkeys swinging through the trees.


Elephant in the water in the Andaman Islands, India.


What to eat?

Indian food is internationally famous for its delicious blends of spices and textures, and in Havelock Island you will delight in the delicious cuisine of the region. It seems pretty clear now that wherever there’s a beach, there’s seafood, and Havelock Island is not the exception to this rule. Its cuisine highlights freshly caught seafood, including indulgent lobster, mouthwatering prawns and fish in a perfect dance of aromatic spices. Fiery curries, coconut-infused delicacies, refreshing tropical lassis… Delectable food makes any trip better.


Traditional Indian curry.


Essaouira, Morocco

Known as the “Windy City,” Essaouira offers a truly unique experience that immerses you in its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. The perfect time to visit is during the summer, from June to late August, as the flawless weather allows you to freely walk around the narrow streets and embark on a journey to discover the wonders that await. Stay in a luxurious hotel, with breakfast in bed and spa treatment. Or, be fascinated by the traditional Riads, magnificent courtyards with lush gardens, intricate tiles and an unequaled ambiance.  


Streets of Essaouira, Morocco.


What to do?

Traverse the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is sure to captivate you with its distinctive blue and white architecture, intricate details and lively colors that mirror a picturesque movie set. With gorgeous beaches, and perfect weather, you will be greeted by the refreshing sea breeze as you walk along the sandy shores or adventure in surfing and windsurfing. The pristine beaches are an ideal setting for a day as relaxing or as adventurous as you desire. Riding a camel or a horse during sunset will make you feel like a protagonist. 


Essaouira is known for its thriving arts and cultural scene, having attracted artists from all around the world, meaning you will find galleries and workshops where you can witness the talented artisans at work. Take in the intricate paintings and sculptures, delicate wood carvings and stunning murals as you are surrounded in the city’s creative spirit. Visit the 18th century ancient walls that surround the medina, offering panoramic views of the city, the sea and a deep dive into Essaouira’s rich past. 


Traditional pendant Moroccan lamps.


Famous for its music festivals, Essaouira is home to the Gnawa World Music Festival, an iconic experience that celebrates African heritage with alluring musical performances. Experience the atmosphere, the rhythm, energy and cultural fusion of such a distinctive event. 


What to eat?

As most coastal cities do, Essaouira has great access to fresh seafood, meaning seafood lovers are in for a treat in the city. Known for its fresh catches, you can fish your own dinner and ask for it to be grilled in most restaurants along the shore. And for those that prefer to have their dinner already prepared, you can indulge in the city’s grilled sardines, spiced calamari or the famous Moroccan fish tagine, where the distinct flavors of the ocean perfectly combine with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, making your meal a perfect marriage of delicious and fresh. With numerous restaurants at different price points, from street food delights to high end restaurants, the gastronomic scene is like none other. 


Moroccan tagine is a must when you visit.


For a more authentic experience, try the delectable Moroccan pastries, the signature tagines, delectable mint tea. And for those passionate for the cosmopolitan vibe, fusion cuisine has emerged in Essaouira, blending traditional Moroccan flavors with bold international influences. Be prepared for a culinary adventure as Essaouira takes you on an exciting journey through vibrant flavors, fresh seafood, traditional Moroccan dishes and exciting fusion creations. 


Flores Island, Indonesia

Another archipelago for our list of The Next Maldives. Flores Island is a paradise on earth, rich in biodiversity, cultural heritage and natural beauty. Home to the iconic Komodo Dragon National Park, refuge to the legendary Komodo dragons and, (is it really a surprise?) a UNESCO World Heritage site.


View of the Indonesian shoreline.


What to do?

Hop on a boat tour and encounter these mythical creatures, explore the park’s islands, snorkel in clear waters and witness the beautiful dance of nature. For the cultured minds, discover a tapestry of cultural wonders by visiting the traditional villages and marveling at the traditional houses in Wae Rebo, a UNESCO-listed village nestled among mist-covered hills. Discover the world of the Manggarai people, known for their particular culture, traditional attire and unique music. Hike to the majestic Kelimutu volcano, famous for its three colored crater lakes that gracefully change color as the day passes, making an already magical journey nothing short of mystical. Hidden waterfalls, rice terraces, lush forests and exotic wildlife, Flores Island boasts incredibly diverse ecosystems for you to encounter.


Visit the Komodo Island to marvel at the legendary Komodo Dragon.


What to eat?

Besides the stunning manta rays and graceful sea turtles, Flores Island has another trick up its sleeve. A wonderful culinary scene paralleled to none, the local cuisine allows you to indulge in a delightful blend of flavors. Taste unique dishes like “ikan bakar” (grilled fish), nasi bungkus (spiced chicken or fish with various vegetables wrapped in a banana leaf) and “sate balap” (skewered meat) paired with “arak” (a local palm wine traditionally made on the island) and discover the culinary wonders of Indonesian cuisine. Each dish reflects the unique flavors and traditions of Flores, making your journey to Flores a gastronomic experience in itself.


Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) is hearty and aromatic.


Nosara, Costa Rica

A place where Pura Vida materializes into untouched beaches, exciting adventures and gentle ocean’s breeze, Nosara in Costa Rica enjoys warm weather year-round, making it a perfect destination to work on your tan, enjoy water sports or discover what it really means to live a carefree, balanced and happy life. Stay on the beach or hidden in the lush jungle, in a charming boutique hotel or an eco-lodge, as Nosara provides a relaxing yet exciting experience like no other.


View of the sunset in Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica.


What to do?

Ride the perfect wave as you live out your surfing dreams, snorkel to catch a glimpse of the beautiful marine life or get certified as a diver by joining a course that takes you in an exploration adventure to the ocean’s depths. Sit still as you are captivated by the abundant wildlife, colorful birds and flourishing greenery as you embark on a hike through the jungle setting. For a truly once in a lifetime experience, witness the inspiring event of arribada, where hundreds of turtles nest on the white sand beaches of this heavenly destination.


Nosara is a great destination for nature lovers thanks to Costa Rica’s abundant wildlife.


As you explore everything the culture has to offer, join the celebration of Día de Los Muertos or attend rejuvenating yoga and wellness retreats found throughout the year. Whether you volunteer in a conservation effort, indulge in the opulent spas or completely immerse in the adventure that calls your name, your stay in Nosara will make you take Pura Vida wherever you go.


What to eat?

From black beans with rice to tangy ceviche and fresh seafood, Nosara has something to suit everyone’s tastes. The ocean makes seafood a specialty in this flower of Costa Rica, meaning you can enjoy flavorsome grilled fish accompanied by fried plantain and fresh vegetables. Discover the simple and authentic nature of Costa Rican cuisine as you try the quintessential Gallo Pinto, Arroz con Pollo and Tamales, deliciously followed by a cup of Café Britt, one of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee brands that completes any meal. Don’t leave before trying Tres Leches Cake, a delicate sponge cake soaked in a mixture of evaporated, condensed and whole milk (which explains the name), and traditionally topped with whipped cream and a variety of fruit! End your day with a hearty Casado or a light ceviche, to drift into bed and get recharged for another full day of thrilling discoveries.


Traditional Costa Rican Casado with black beans, rice and sweet plantain.


Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

A place where time stands still, presenting a conjunction of history, art and that iconic Mediterranean allure. Narrow streets adorned with white and blue traditional buildings make Sidi Bou Said a sight straight out of a movie. As you walk through the streets, you’ll notice the Arab, Andalusian and Mediterranean cultures that have shaped the intricate details of the local architecture. Distinctive blue doors and ornate tiles, that perfectly compliment the breathtaking views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Tunis.


View of the Gulf of Tunis and the famous Coffee Sidi Chebaane. Editorial credit: BTWImages / Shutterstock.com


What to do?

As you explore the city and stroll along the main Rue Habib Thameur, you will encounter a variety of boutiques, charming cafés and carefully curated art galleries. Find exceptional marketplaces and uncover ceramics, textiles and delicately designed jewelry. Escape from the afternoon sun sipping on refreshing mint tea accompanied by a selection of traditional pastries. Visit Café des Nattes, a café with a rich history that has attracted writers, artists and intellectuals for decades. Enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee while you admire the panoramic views of the sea and the village while taking a seat on the terrace, a true cultural landmark.


Doors are commonly adorned by intricate designs, as shown by this majestic blue front door in Sidi Bou Said.


Visit the enchanting Musée de Sidi Bou Said, housed in a beautiful traditional Tunisian home and showcasing a collection of artwork and artifacts that paint a picture of the history and culture of the region. It is a sublime opportunity to deepen your understanding and knowledge of Sidi Bou Said’s artistic heritage. For a glimpse into the village’s religious traditions, visit the Tomb of Sidi Bou Said, the village’s namesake and revered saint. A place of pilgrimage for locals and visitors alike, it offers a moment of tranquility and a meaningful experience to remember. 


What to eat?

Delight yourself in the flavors of Tunisian cuisine at the local restaurants and numerous cafés scattered through Sidi Bou Said, offering traditional dishes like couscous, tagines and brik a l’oeuf, lablabi and the iconically refreshing “atay nana” (mint tea). Go on a wonderful journey through vibrant spices and fresh ingredients that characterize the unmatched Tunisian gastronomy. Pair your afternoon tea with makroud, a traditional Tunisian pastry made with date-filled semolina dough that is indulgently fried until golden and then dusted with a fine layer of powdered sugar and, because it is never too much, drizzled with honey.


Mint tea is traditional in Tunisia, and is sometimes served with pine nuts.

In a constantly busy world filled with ostentatious displays of success and wealth, the allure of quiet luxury rises to embrace the beauty of the understated. As it becomes easier and louder for individuals to celebrate with flamboyant extravagance, discerning and stylish individuals highlight the essence of quiet luxury, highlighting the refined, the exquisite and the subtle. The ethos of quiet luxury is, fundamentally, a way of life that celebrates elegance, high quality and discerning eyes.


But what is quiet luxury? It is the manifestation of less is more, a delicate art of knowing what is worth it and what is simply distasteful. In other words, “Money Talks, Wealth Whispers.” Like curating a beautiful and impeccable art gallery, quiet luxury rises from the appreciation for the details of refined craftsmanship that more frequently go unnoticed by the untrained eye, making its statement of luxury a statement of pedigree and a taste that can not be bought, only inherited. Quiet luxury knows that it should adorn, never overshadow, the user. From carefully hand-stitched gowns to stunningly fine accessories, the allure lies in the exclusivity and beauty of well chosen simplicity.


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High fashion and luxury are a lifestyle and a talent. A statement emphasized by the quiet luxury trend, which transcends the fashion world and the beauty industry and delves into home decor, lifestyle essentials, travel and more! In this carefully curated world, materials reign supreme and transcend fleeting trends followed by the masses. That is the key factor in quiet luxury, that only a handful of connoisseurs know how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it.



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As to the how, quiet luxury is an art and a skill, and just like any skill it must be perfected with practice and time. Mainstream brands are out of the question, and the less people know about it the more exclusive it is. No need for logos and prints, quiet luxury is only truly appreciated by those who practice it, by cultured minds and skillful  styles. By those that know that it is not important to be seen for the sake of it, just to be seen by the right audiences. Unlike a trend, it stands the test of time, allowing sophisticated individuals to express their refined aesthetic beyond an ostentatious display of wealth.



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A perfect embodiment of quiet luxury is a royal art, as you will never see a royal with a distasteful logo that can be seen from miles away. Confident, secure and proud, they do not need to prove themselves to anyone. They know who they are and what they are. Their presence is their charm, not what they wear. Those who do not recognize their favorite brands are not in their inner circle, and those who are will most surely practice the art of quiet luxury.


The true essence of success and class is something mastered, never bought.



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Whether you want to know how to do it, when to do it, or where to do it, Aurae’s got you covered by constantly staying updated with the trends that are truly worthy . Let our concierge services help you live the lifestyle you deserve.

En un mundo constantemente ocupado lleno de ostentosas demostraciones de éxito y riqueza, el encanto del lujo silencioso se eleva para abrazar la belleza de lo discreto. A medida que se vuelve más fácil y común que las personas celebren con extravagancia, los individuos exigentes y con estilo resaltan la esencia del lujo tranquilo, destacando lo refinado, lo exquisito y lo sutil. El espíritu del lujo silencioso es, fundamentalmente, una forma de vida que celebra la elegancia, la alta calidad y los ojos perspicaces.


Pero, ¿qué es el lujo silencioso? Es la manifestación de menos es más, un arte delicado de conocer lo que vale la pena y lo que es sencillamente de mal gusto. En otras palabras. “El Dinero Habla, La Riqueza Susurra.” Como curar una hermosa e impecable galería de arte, el lujo silencioso nace de la apreciación de los detalles de la artesanía refinada que con mayor frecuencia pasan desapercibidos para el ojo inexperto, lo que hace que su declaración de lujo sea una declaración de pedigrí y un gusto que no puede ser comprado, sino heredado. El lujo silencioso sabe que debe adornar, nunca opacar, al usuario. Desde vestidos cuidadosamente cosidos a mano hasta finos accesorios, el encanto se encuentra en la exclusividad y la belleza de la sencillez bien elegida.



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La alta moda y el lujo son un estilo de vida y un talento. Una declaración que se enfatiza por la tendencia del lujo silencioso, el cual trasciende el mundo de la moda y la industria de belleza y se adentra al mundo de la decoración del hogar, los esenciales del estilo de vida, viajes y más. En este mundo cuidadosamente curado, los materiales reinan y van más allá de tendencias efímeras perseguidas por las masas. Es este el factor clave en el lujo silencioso, pues solo unos pocos verdaderos conocedores saben cómo hacerlo, dónde hacerlo y cuándo hacerlo. 



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En cuanto al cómo, el lujo silencioso es un arte y una habilidad, y como cualquier otra habilidad, debe ser perfeccionada con práctica y tiempo. Las marcas comunes están fuera de discusión, y cuanto menos gente sepa sobre ellas, más exclusivas son. No se necesitan logotipos ni estampados, el lujo silencioso es solo realmente apreciado por quienes lo practican, mentes de cultura y con estilos hábiles. Por aquellos que saben que no es importante ser visto por el simple hecho de ser visto, sino por las audiencias correctas. A diferencia de una tendencia, resiste la prueba del tiempo, permitiendo a los individuos sofisticados ser expresar su estética refinada más allá de una exhibición ostentosa y sin gusto de riqueza.



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Una encarnación perfecta del lujo silencioso es un arte digno de la realeza, pues jamás verá un miembro real con un logotipo desagradable que se puede ver a kilómetros de distancia. Confiados, seguros y orgullosos, no necesitan demostrar su valor ante nadie. Saben quiénes son y qué son. Su presencia es su encanto, no lo que visten. Aquellos que no reconocen sus marcas favoritas no están en su círculo íntimo, y quienes sí lo están seguramente practicarán el arte del lujo silencioso. 


La verdadera esencia del éxito y la clase es algo que se domina, nunca se compra.



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Ya sea que quieras saber cómo hacerlo, cuándo hacerlo o dónde hacerlo, Aurae lo tiene cubierto al mantenerse constantemente  actualizado con las tendencias que realmente valen la pena. Deje que nuestros servicios de conserjería lo ayuden a vivir el estilo de vida que se merece.


The superyacht industry is one which never fails to surprise and impress. It is, after all, the recession-proof industry par excellence; one which continues to grow year on year, not merely when it comes to the increasingly gargantuan scale of its most remarkable vessels and their capabilities, but in the sheer breadth of ownership.

Changing Tides for the Most Luxurious of Industries

The stats speak for themselves: the luxury yacht industry is projected to be worth a dazzling $10.8 billion by 2026, and between 2013 and 2023 (yes, even during the pandemic years), approximately 100 new superyachts were launched year on year.

However, perhaps the most telling and surprising superyacht stat of the moment is that which deals with the age of yacht owners and users. For much of the 20th century, there was a clear picture of the typical yacht owner. They were male, white, wealthy and conspicuously middle-aged; the kind of ageing gentleman who wanted to use his wealth to spend unending summers in the marinas of Monaco, Cannes and various accommodating Greek islands on the European side, the Florida Keys and former colonies in the Caribbean on the other edge of the Atlantic.

We’ve known about the seismic shifts happening in the UHNW sector when it comes to age demographics for some time. However, superyacht ownership and enthusiasm was never expected to change its face quite so dramatically – today, the typical yacht owner or charter customer is a whole 15 years younger (on average) than they were 10 years ago. Chartering is on the up, outright ownership is gradually falling. Yachting has become more of a pastime than a year-round lifestyle… and with this sea change, the industry has transformed in fascinating new ways.



While we could explore the various transformations this demographic realignment has brought out in further detail, today we’ll focus on the fun stuff.

The superyacht toy industry – that which deals with high-octane thrills, underwater exploration, wave-riding sports and more – has risen to the challenge of delighting the senses of younger yachters with impressive results.

It’s indicative, once again, of the changing face and demands of its audience; those heading out onto the ocean  no longer prioritise the entertainment options of their predecessors – shopping in Monte Carlo, sipping sparkling wine on the deck, for example – but seek experiential encounters and water-based opportunities for wellness and exploration. The younger, newer and more dynamic generation of yachters sees the ocean as a playground, vast natural spa, wilderness and safari, and the superyacht toy industry has been taking note.


Faster. Deeper. Sleeker. Greener.


Last year’s Monaco Yacht Show – the truly unmissable calendar fixture for superyacht owners worldwide – had more of an emphasis on superyacht toys and accessories than ever before; a sure sign of the changing times the industry is thriving upon. It’s certain that 2023’s show, due to take place in the historic marina in September, will take this trend to even headier heights.



If there was one lesson to take from the presence of some seriously impressive toys at the show, it was that the superyacht audience is more adventurous, more focused on sustainability, and more keen to get up-close-and-personal with the wonders of sea life than ever before. Jet Skis and speedboats – once absolute mainstays of the yachter’s toy collection – have begun to take a back seat. While high-octane thrills and spills are still present and popular, there’s a greater interest in those which provide the opportunity to go beneath the waves, to sail with manta rays and whale sharks, to circumnavigate coral reefs and gaze in wonder rather than skim the surface at breakneck speed.

In this sense, the Seabreacher X (arguably the coolest-looking superyacht toy to ever grace the sea) from a few years back was a genuine game-changer. This was the crossover moment; a submersible vessel, decked out to look like a shark and capable of diving beneath and dramatically above the waves, which was no longer just for ostentatious display but also for actual exploration. While the audience for such toys has become younger, it’s arguable that their interests today – with a keen ecological enthusiasm and fascination for wildlife and unique natural encounters – have become a little more grown-up.

Well, maybe.

There’s still ample room for fun on the ocean, even if superyacht toys are being increasingly informed by a growing interest in ecology and marine life. Let’s take a look at the seven superyacht toys set to make waves at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 and throughout next year’s yachting seasons.


Lift4 Electric Foiling Board

Foilboards (or hydrofoil boards) have been a huge hit over the past year, and not just with superyachters and UHNW customers. It’s not hard to see why: they represent a whole new generation of surf-based activities, and one which doesn’t actually require the presence of waves to have some serious fun out on the big blue.



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Foil boards seem to hover above the water due to the presence of a hydrofoil which stays beneath the surface. Working with much the same principles as an aeroplane, the boards are usually propelled by carefully-angled bodyweight. With a bit of practice, they can offer impressive versatility and manoeuvrability… and they provide no shortage of fun alongside a fairly decent workout.

The Lift4 is arguably the most anticipated release in the foil board scene, and with a price tag hovering around $12,000, it’s clear this isn’t a toy for the average beach-goer. However, for those looking to get involved with the latest craze in yacht toys and water sports, it’s a tempting item indeed; boasting advanced features designed to make foilboarding easier and more comfortable even for beginners, it comes with a 2.5 hour power reserve, an impressive modular propulsion unit and a pair of carbon-fibre masts. As if that wasn’t enough, this top-of-the-range foilboard also comes with a handheld controller with a colour screen, a GPS to track distance and speed, and fully-customisable ramps for those looking to match their board with their wetsuit.


Starboard iQFoil

The announcement of windsurfing as an event in the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games resurrected a water sport that many had thought of as going the way of the dinosaur. Windsurfing, it seems, is back with a vengeance, and HNW audiences can’t get enough of catching the breeze and picking up speed on the waves.



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Starboard – an already huge name in the high-end surfing world – struck gold with the invention of the iQFoil. It takes the aforementioned foilboard craze to wholly new heights, attaching a carbon fibre foil onto a beautifully-crafted board and allowing riders to hit a pace of 35 knots in a healthy wind. It’s incredibly manoeuvrable; the carbon-reflex tech that runs through the windsurfing board allows rivers to garner full control of their movements, and it’s no surprise that the iQFoil has now been announced as the official board of the next two Olympics.

Naturally, this is a luxury item for serious competitive sportspeople and those with money to burn. As such, it’s predicted to be a hugely popular addition to superyacht trips and charters in 2024, and with a price tag of $10,299, it’s quite possibly the best of its class on the sea.


U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible

As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s a fascinating sign of the times that fully-functioning submersibles – driven by exploratory science and inspired directly by vessels used by marine biologists and nature filmmakers – are more popular than ever before. Today’s superyacht owners don’t want to just spend time on the waves; they want to explore beneath them, getting to know what wonders hide in the depths.



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There has been a significant boom in the sale and production of submersibles, with many on the market being little more than tribute acts to the real thing. The Nemo submersible, however, is about as close to an authentic explorer’s submarine as can be, while still being firmly within the luxury sector as a comfortable, safe and experiential opportunity to have some real fun out on the open sea.

Designed for transport on yachts sitting in the 100-foot-and-above bracket, the Nemo submersible has proven to be compact enough to fit on a decent SUV trailer, making it popular with HNW individuals looking to charter vessels on ocean safari trips. With single and double-seated configurations ($588,000 and $637,000), both iterations of this beautiful submersible have the ability to reach impressive depths of almost 350 feet. Eight hours of battery propulsion mean deep sea excursions can last longer than any other commercial submersible, opening the doors of possibility for yachting adventures unlike any that have come before.


Jet Shark

We mentioned earlier that the Seabreacher X was the evolution of the superyacht toy for the 21st century. Well, the Jet Shark is the evolution of the Seabreacher X – a veritable leap forward created by the same producers, and taking underwater adventures and high-octane wave-riding to entirely new heights of sophistication, fun and jaw-dropping power.



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The Jet Shark looks and performs exactly as one might expect from the name: it’s part shark, part fighter jet. Powered by a Corvette V8 engine (yes, really), it comes complete with gull wings, a jet fighter cockpit and the Seabreacher’s trademark ability to leap out of the water in an impressive display of propulsion. While many will doubtlessly use the Jet Shark for zipping around lagoons at eye-watering pace, the submersible is fully capable of providing moments of contemplation and tranquillity beneath the waves, exploring wildlife and no shortage of natural beauty. However, cranking up the engine to see exactly how fast and agile the vessel can be is surely more than any adventurous spirit can resist.

Currently available for pre-order at prices around the $300,000 mark, the Jet Shark is still in its testing phase. It’s guaranteed to elicit no shortage of appreciative gasps at Monaco this year, and we have no doubt it’s set to be the most talked-about superyacht toy of 2024.


Seabob F5 SR

Seabobs made an enormous splash – both figuratively and literally – when they burst onto the yacht toy scene a couple of decades ago. It’s easy to understand why; they’re easy to use, fantastic for both playing in the water and taking a more serious look below the waves, and brilliantly convenient and transportable. The F5 SR – a soon-to-be-launched update on the series – is the most powerful release yet, and is predicted to bring a whole new generation of enthusiasts on board.



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While these predictions could be down to the seven power settings (offering everything from a gentle swim to a high-octane ride across the bay), the beautiful chrome finish or the cleverly-designed twin rear fins that liberate the rider to undertake dramatic twists and turns… It’s more likely due to the fact that this version of the Seabob comes with a hi-def camera system as standard.

Riders can make full use of the cameras on the bow and the front display panel (already being referred to as a ‘selfie cam’ for clips, shorts and TikTok reaction videos on the water), meaning this Seabob is resonating with Gen Z audiences like never before.


Awake RÄVIK S 22

Electric surfboards have been around for a couple of years now, and they’ve been perennially popular with the superyacht crowd for patently obvious reasons. The RÄVIK S 22, however, succeeded in something that many which came before couldn’t achieve: they made the electric surfboard beautiful.



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It’s a stunningly sleek design, and one which befits the incredible agility of the mechanics going on under the surface. Allowing riders to twist, turn, jump, catch waves and whoosh their way back to shore, the surfboard offers an impressive 0.2 second response time between controller and the board itself. This means more control, more confidence, and more intuitive riding experience all round.

With three ride settings (eco, sport and extreme), there’s the potential for up to 20 mins of ride time. The top speed? An astonishing 36 miles per hour, which we’ve no doubt feels like a near approximation of light speed when cutting through the waves.


Reverso Air

There’s something hugely satisfying about finishing this list with a sailboat. No mind-boggling electronics. No on-trend new concepts. No water-powered jetpacks. Just a beautifully made lightweight sailboat, allowing adventurous souls the opportunity to command the wind and waves in the way humans have done since time immemorial.



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Make no mistake, the Reverso Air may be elemental, but it’s far from simple. This spectacular ultra-lightweight and brilliantly portable sailboat makes no compromises when it comes to speed, performance or stunning design credentials. Crafted for rapid set-up and clearly inspired by vessels used in kiteboarding, this fully-functioning sailboard can easily fit on the deck of a yacht and can be assembled in under two minutes.

With four hull sections – each floating independently – and an air-filled bottom box, it’s created for maximum efficiency. The carbon rig offers astonishing agility and steering precision, and even newcomers to traditional sail surfing will be able to get the vessel up to 16 knots without the need for a strong wind. Guaranteed to catch the eye of the intrepid new generation of eco-conscious yacht enthusiasts, it’s a truly breathtaking addition to any water toy collection.

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La industria de los superyates nunca deja de sorprender e impresionar. Es, después de todo, la industria a prueba de recesión por excelencia; uno que continúa creciendo año tras año, no solo en lo que respecta a la escala cada vez más gigantesca de sus embarcaciones más notables y sus capacidades, sino también en la amplitud de la propiedad.

Cambiando las mareas para las industrias más lujosas

Las estadísticas hablan por sí solas: se prevé que la industria de los yates de lujo tenga un valor deslumbrante de $ 10.8 mil millones para 2026, y entre 2013 y 2023 (sí, incluso durante los años de la pandemia), se lanzaron aproximadamente 100 nuevos superyates año tras año.

Sin embargo, quizás la estadística de superyates más reveladora y sorprendente del momento es la que trata sobre la edad de los propietarios y usuarios de yates. Durante gran parte del siglo XX, hubo una imagen clara del propietario de un yate típico. Eran hombres, blancos, ricos y notoriamente de mediana edad; el tipo de caballero envejecido que quería usar su riqueza para pasar veranos interminables en los puertos deportivos de Mónaco, Cannes y varias islas griegas acogedoras en el lado europeo, los Cayos de Florida y las antiguas colonias en el Caribe en el otro lado del Atlántico.

Conocemos los cambios sísmicos que ocurren en el sector UHNW en lo que respecta a la demografía por edades desde hace algún tiempo. Sin embargo, nunca se esperó que la propiedad y el entusiasmo de los superyates cambiaran tan drásticamente: hoy en día, el propietario típico de un yate o el cliente de alquiler es 15 años más joven (en promedio) que hace 10 años. El fletamento está en alza, la propiedad absoluta está cayendo gradualmente. La navegación se ha convertido más en un pasatiempo que en un estilo de vida durante todo el año… y con este cambio radical, la industria se ha transformado de formas nuevas y fascinantes.



Si bien podríamos explorar las diversas transformaciones que este realineamiento demográfico ha provocado con más detalle, hoy nos centraremos en las cosas divertidas.

La industria de juguetes de superyates, la que se ocupa de emociones de alto octanaje, exploración submarina, deportes de olas y más, se ha enfrentado al desafío de deleitar los sentidos de los navegantes más jóvenes con resultados impresionantes.

Es indicativo, una vez más, del rostro cambiante y las demandas de su audiencia; aquellos que se dirigen al océano ya no priorizan las opciones de entretenimiento de sus predecesores (comprar en Monte Carlo, beber vino espumoso en la cubierta, por ejemplo), sino que buscan encuentros experienciales y oportunidades acuáticas para el bienestar y la exploración. La generación más joven, nueva y dinámica de navegantes ve el océano como un patio de recreo, un vasto spa natural, un desierto y un safari, y la industria de los juguetes de los superyates ha tomado nota.

Más rápido. Más adentro. Más elegante. Más Verde.

El Monaco Yacht Show del año pasado, el evento verdaderamente imperdible del calendario para los propietarios de superyates en todo el mundo, hizo más énfasis que nunca en los juguetes y accesorios de los superyates; una señal segura de los tiempos cambiantes en los que la industria está prosperando. Es seguro que el espectáculo de 2023, que tendrá lugar en el histórico puerto deportivo en septiembre, llevará esta tendencia a alturas aún más vertiginosas.



Si había una lección que aprender de la presencia de algunos juguetes realmente impresionantes en la feria, era que la audiencia de los superyates es más aventurera, más centrada en la sostenibilidad y más dispuesta a conocer de cerca las maravillas de vida marina que nunca. Las motos acuáticas y las lanchas rápidas, que alguna vez fueron los pilares absolutos de la colección de juguetes de los navegantes, han comenzado a pasar a un segundo plano. Si bien las emociones y los derrames de alto octanaje todavía están presentes y son populares, hay un mayor interés en aquellos que brindan la oportunidad de ir debajo de las olas, navegar con mantarrayas y tiburones ballena, circunnavegar los arrecifes de coral y contemplar con asombro en lugar de rozar el superficie a una velocidad vertiginosa.

En este sentido, el Seabreacher X (posiblemente el superyate de juguete con el aspecto más genial que jamás haya adornado el mar) de hace unos años fue un verdadero cambio de juego. Este fue el momento de cruce; una embarcación sumergible, adornada para parecerse a un tiburón y capaz de sumergirse debajo y dramáticamente sobre las olas, que ya no era solo para una exhibición ostentosa sino también para una exploración real. Si bien la audiencia de tales juguetes se ha vuelto más joven, es discutible que sus intereses en la actualidad, con un gran entusiasmo ecológico y fascinación por la vida silvestre y los encuentros naturales únicos, se hayan vuelto un poco más adultos.

Bueno, quizás.

Todavía hay un amplio espacio para la diversión en el océano, incluso si los juguetes de los superyates están siendo cada vez más informados por un creciente interés en la ecología y la vida marina. Echemos un vistazo a los siete juguetes de superyates que causarán sensación en el Monaco Yacht Show 2023 y durante las temporadas de navegación del próximo año.


Tabla de foil eléctrica Lift4

Los foilboards (o hydrofoilboards) han sido un gran éxito durante el último año, y no solo entre los superyates y los clientes UHNW. No es difícil ver por qué: representan una generación completamente nueva de actividades basadas en el surf, y una que en realidad no requiere la presencia de olas para divertirse en serio en el gran azul.



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Las tablas de aluminio parecen flotar sobre el agua debido a la presencia de un hidroala que permanece debajo de la superficie. Trabajando con los mismos principios que un avión, las tablas generalmente son impulsadas por el peso corporal cuidadosamente angulado. Con un poco de práctica, pueden ofrecer una versatilidad y maniobrabilidad impresionantes… y no faltan diversión junto con un entrenamiento bastante decente.

El Lift4 es posiblemente el lanzamiento más esperado en la escena de las tablas de aluminio, y con un precio que ronda los $ 12,000, está claro que este no es un juguete para el bañista promedio. Sin embargo, para aquellos que buscan involucrarse con la última moda en juguetes para yates y deportes acuáticos, es un artículo tentador; Con características avanzadas diseñadas para hacer que el foilboard sea más fácil y cómodo incluso para los principiantes, viene con una reserva de marcha de 2,5 horas, una impresionante unidad de propulsión modular y un par de mástiles de fibra de carbono. Como si eso no fuera suficiente, este foilboard de gama alta también viene con un controlador de mano con pantalla a color, un GPS para medir la distancia y la velocidad, y rampas totalmente personalizables para aquellos que buscan combinar su tabla con su traje de neopreno.


Starboard iQFoil

El anuncio del windsurf como evento en los Juegos Olímpicos de 2024 y 2028 resucitó un deporte acuático que muchos habían considerado como el camino de los dinosaurios. El windsurf, al parecer, ha vuelto con fuerza, y el público de HNW no se cansa de atrapar la brisa y aumentar la velocidad de las olas.


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Starboard, un nombre que ya era un gran nombre en el mundo del surf de alta gama, encontró el oro con la invención del iQFoil. Lleva la locura de las tablas de aluminio antes mencionadas a alturas completamente nuevas, colocando una lámina de fibra de carbono en una tabla bellamente diseñada y permitiendo a los ciclistas alcanzar un ritmo de 35 nudos con un viento saludable. Es increíblemente maniobrable; la tecnología de reflejo de carbono que se ejecuta a través de la tabla de windsurf permite que los ríos obtengan un control total de sus movimientos, y no sorprende que el iQFoil haya sido anunciado como la tabla oficial de los próximos dos Juegos Olímpicos.

Naturalmente, este es un artículo de lujo para deportistas competitivos serios y aquellos con dinero para gastar. Como tal, se prevé que sea una adición muy popular a los viajes y alquileres de superyates en 2024, y con un precio de $ 10,299, es posiblemente el mejor de su clase en el mar.


U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible

Como se mencionó anteriormente en este artículo, es una señal fascinante de los tiempos que los sumergibles en pleno funcionamiento, impulsados ​​por la ciencia exploratoria e inspirados directamente por los barcos utilizados por biólogos marinos y cineastas de la naturaleza, son más populares que nunca. Los propietarios de superyates de hoy en día no solo quieren pasar tiempo en las olas; quieren explorar debajo de ellos, conocer qué maravillas se esconden en las profundidades.


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Ha habido un auge significativo en la venta y producción de sumergibles, y muchos en el mercado son poco más que actos de tributo a los reales. El sumergible Nemo, sin embargo, es lo más cercano posible a un auténtico submarino de explorador, sin dejar de estar firmemente dentro del sector de lujo como una oportunidad cómoda, segura y experiencial para divertirse de verdad en mar abierto.

Diseñado para el transporte en yates sentados en el soporte de 100 pies y más, el sumergible Nemo ha demostrado ser lo suficientemente compacto como para caber en un remolque SUV decente, lo que lo hace popular entre las personas de HNW que buscan alquilar embarcaciones en viajes de safari oceánico. Con configuraciones de asiento individual y doble ($588,000 y $637,000), ambas iteraciones de este hermoso sumergible tienen la capacidad de alcanzar impresionantes profundidades de casi 350 pies. Las ocho horas de propulsión de la batería significan que las excursiones en aguas profundas pueden durar más que cualquier otro sumergible comercial, lo que abre las puertas a la posibilidad de aventuras en yate como nunca antes.


Jet Shark

Mencionamos anteriormente que el Seabreacher X fue la evolución del superyate de juguete para el siglo XXI. Bueno, el Jet Shark es la evolución del Seabreacher X: un verdadero salto adelante creado por los mismos productores, que lleva las aventuras submarinas y las olas de alto octanaje a alturas completamente nuevas de sofisticación, diversión y poder asombroso.


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El Jet Shark se ve y funciona exactamente como cabría esperar del nombre: es en parte tiburón, en parte avión de combate. Propulsado por un motor Corvette V8 (sí, en serio), viene completo con alas de gaviota, una cabina de avión de combate y la capacidad característica del Seabreacher de saltar fuera del agua en una impresionante exhibición de propulsión. Si bien muchos sin duda usarán el Jet Shark para navegar por las lagunas a un ritmo vertiginoso, el sumergible es completamente capaz de brindar momentos de contemplación y tranquilidad bajo las olas, explorando la vida silvestre y la belleza natural. Sin embargo, encender el motor para ver exactamente qué tan rápido y ágil puede ser el barco es seguramente más de lo que cualquier espíritu aventurero puede resistir.

Actualmente disponible para pre-pedido a precios de alrededor de $ 300,000, el Jet Shark aún se encuentra en su fase de prueba. Está garantizado que no provocará una escasez de jadeos apreciativos en Mónaco este año, y no tenemos ninguna duda de que será el superyate de juguete más comentado de 2024.


Seabob F5 SR

Los Seabobs causaron un gran revuelo, tanto en sentido figurado como literal, cuando irrumpieron en la escena de los juguetes para yates hace un par de décadas. Es fácil entender por qué; son fáciles de usar, fantásticos tanto para jugar en el agua como para mirar más seriamente debajo de las olas, y son genialmente convenientes y transportables. El F5 SR, una actualización de la serie que se lanzará próximamente, es el lanzamiento más poderoso hasta el momento y se prevé que traerá a bordo a una nueva generación de entusiastas.


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Si bien estas predicciones podrían deberse a las siete configuraciones de potencia (que ofrecen de todo, desde un suave nado hasta un paseo de alto octanaje por la bahía), el hermoso acabado cromado o las aletas traseras gemelas ingeniosamente diseñadas que liberan al ciclista para emprender giros dramáticos y gira… Es más probable que se deba al hecho de que esta versión del Seabob viene con un sistema de cámara de alta definición como estándar.

Los pasajeros pueden hacer un uso completo de las cámaras en la proa y el panel de visualización frontal (que ya se conoce como una “cámara para selfies” para clips, cortos y videos de reacción de TikTok en el agua), lo que significa que este Seabob está resonando con audiencias Gen Z como nunca antes.


Awake RÄVIK S 22

Las tablas de surf eléctricas existen desde hace un par de años, y han sido perennemente populares entre la multitud de superyates por razones evidentemente obvias. Sin embargo, la RÄVIK S 22 logró algo que muchas de las anteriores no pudieron lograr: embellecieron la tabla de surf eléctrica.


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Es un diseño asombrosamente elegante y que se adapta a la increíble agilidad de la mecánica que se desarrolla debajo de la superficie. Permitiendo a los ciclistas girar, girar, saltar, atrapar olas y volver a la orilla, la tabla de surf ofrece un impresionante tiempo de respuesta de 0,2 segundos entre el controlador y la propia tabla. Esto significa más control, más confianza y una experiencia de conducción más intuitiva en todos los sentidos.

Con tres configuraciones de conducción (eco, sport y extreme), existe el potencial de hasta 20 minutos de tiempo de conducción. ¿La velocidad máxima? Un asombroso 36 millas por hora, que sin duda se siente como una aproximación cercana a la velocidad de la luz al atravesar las olas.


Reverso Air

Hay algo enormemente satisfactorio en terminar esta lista con un velero. Sin electrónica alucinante. No hay nuevos conceptos de moda. Nada de mochilas propulsadas por agua. Solo un velero liviano bellamente hecho, que brinda a las almas aventureras la oportunidad de dominar el viento y las olas de la manera en que los humanos lo han hecho desde tiempos inmemoriales.


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No se equivoque, el Reverso Air puede ser elemental, pero está lejos de ser simple. Este espectacular velero ultraligero y brillantemente portátil no hace concesiones cuando se trata de velocidad, rendimiento o impresionantes credenciales de diseño. Diseñada para una instalación rápida y claramente inspirada en las embarcaciones utilizadas en el kitesurf, esta tabla de vela completamente funcional puede caber fácilmente en la cubierta de un yate y se puede ensamblar en menos de dos minutos.

Con cuatro secciones de casco, cada una flotando de forma independiente, y una caja inferior llena de aire, se crea para una máxima eficiencia. El aparejo de carbono ofrece una agilidad y una precisión de dirección sorprendentes, e incluso los principiantes en el surf de vela tradicional podrán hacer que la embarcación alcance hasta 16 nudos sin necesidad de un viento fuerte. Garantizado para llamar la atención de la nueva generación intrépida de entusiastas de los yates con conciencia ecológica, es una adición verdaderamente impresionante a cualquier colección de juguetes acuáticos.

¿Busca alquilar un yate en 2023 o más allá? ¿Te apetece asistir al Monaco Yacht Show u obtener entradas para los eventos más lujosos del mundo? No importa dónde estén tus pasiones, Aurae Lifestyle está aquí para abrir todas las puertas.

Golf is a sport associated with the créme de la créme of the elite and distinguished. Revered for its grace, precision and passion, golf is a sport that goes beyond the sporting world and into business, lifestyle and elegance. Today, the golf world finds itself approaching a new era that fills the air with anticipation, speculation and intrigue. The most elite tour in the world, PGA Tour, is leaving behind recent drama to venture alongside LIV Golf, an entity that many thought was PGA’s sworn enemy. With this talk of unprecedented partnerships and the promise of adventure in uncharted territory, eyes are firmly fixed on what the future of golf will be. 


Hero Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club. 29 January 2023 in Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate. Tommy Fleetwood of England. Editorial Credit: Andre61 / Shutterstock.com


The Professional Golfers Association

The PGA, “Professional Golfers Association,” has long been the flagship organization that represents professional golfers and the passion for the sport worldwide. As part of PGA, the PGA Tour has operated in North America since 1929,  when a group of professionals founded the Tournament Players Division of the PGA of America. For almost a century now, they have organized professional tournaments that showcase some of the world’s best golfers. All participants meet to compete for a substantial purse and the obvious prestige that comes from the tournaments themselves. The PGA Tour was officially unveiled in 1968, and throughout the years it has grown exponentially in its prominence, competition and the number of tournaments. Historically, the PGA has been the most noteworthy professional golf tour in the world, being a dream achievement for many and a peerless medal of honor that few can boast. It is thanks to the PGA Tour that we know golf today as the respected sport it is. The tournament has shaped professional golf into a passion, an opportunity, and an entertaining affair that offers rewarding prizes for the golfers and amusement for the fans.


LIV Golf by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia

However prestigious the PGA is, it is not the only tour in the world, and, in recent years, we have seen the birth and rise of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, a professional golf tour that was previously known as the Super Golf League. With a name inspired by Roman numerals, LIV translates to 54, which happens to be exactly the number of holes that the tournament runs. Boasting an astounding $25 million prize fund for each event, LIV quickly became noticed by PGA, as it achieved an admirable position of being an alternative to the PGA Tour. Knowing the importance of making an entrance, LIV’s first event was launched just last year, on June 9th at the Centurion Club near London. On their official webpage, LIV Golf states that their mission is to “complement the existing format of professional golf and take it to new levels of excitement and engagement with generations of fans.” With an impressively exponential growth, LIV Golf became LIV Golf League in 2023, growing their number of events from 8 to 14 tournaments that are to be played globally.


LIV Team Majesticks: (L-R) Sam Horsfield,Lee Westwood,Ian Poulter and Henrik Stenson at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Editorial Credit: L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock.com


The Drama

No story worth telling would be complete without a little bit of drama, and such is the case between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. Allegations that LIV Golf lured high-profile players away from the traditional tournaments with tempting prizes and opportunities made a feud grow between both leagues, each claiming that the other negatively affected competition. It is commonly said that the PGA Tour, in an attempt to protect themselves from losing valuable players, stated that players could not play in both tournaments, having to choose just one. As a response, LIV Golf sued PGA Tour and accused it of engaging in monopolistic behavior by implementing such rules and limiting players’ access to different tournaments besides their own. In an easy to foresee move, the PGA Tour counterattacked by accusing LIV of illegally luring players to break contracts with the PGA. And just like in any war, casualties were dropping left and right with the professional golf community being divided into opposing sides of the same passion. Some lost endorsements, others turned down opportunities, but no one could have seen this unprecedented plot twist coming.


OCTOBER 13, 2019: Bernd Wiesberger (Austria) wins the cup at end of Day 4 of the 76 Golf Italian Open at Olgiata Golf Club in Rome, Italy. Editorial Credit: Marco Iacobucci Epp / Shutterstock.com


The News

On June 6th, 2023, the PGA Tour, LIV Golf and PGA European Tour announced a new partnership that aims to “unify the game of golf” by combining assets, efforts and, (let’s be honest) supporters. Though many have received this information as it being a merger between the tournaments, it has been officially called a partnership by each of them. The partnership would not only reunite under one roof the professional golfers previously divided in opposing sides, but it would also end all pending litigation and lay to rest any dueling between LIV Golf and PGA. The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, known as PIF, which is the head behind LIV Golf is set to head their board of directors and contribute financial investment towards the new entity. The PGA Tour and LIV Golf will also merge with the DP World Tour, meaning that the three largest golf tours in the world are joining forces to take the exclusive sport to new heights.


Hero Dubai Desert Classic. Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland Hero Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club on January 25, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Editorial Credit: Andre61 / Shutterstock.com


What does the future of golf look like now?

Depends on who you ask. The partnership between both tournaments has caused its fair share of speculation. Now, as the golfing world navigates this paradigm-breaking partnership, it remains true that the sport of golf is a lifestyle, a living and breathing entity that evolves and adapts to the challenges thrown its way. The future of golf is on the cusp of transformation, and what this transformation entails for the sport is still to be seen. One thing remains the same, whether you embrace this new chapter with open arms, or consider it a hypocritical and dangerous maneuver, golf is and will always be a passion for those who can appreciate the art of the sport.

El golf es un deporte asociado con la créme de la créme de la élite y distinguidos individuos. Reverenciado por su gracia, precision y pasión, el golf es un deporte que va más allá del mundo deportivo y dentro del mundo de negocios, el estilo de vida y la elegancia. Hoy, el mundo del golf se encuentra acercándose a una nueva era que llena el aire de anticipación, especulación e intriga. El tour más élite del mundo, el PGA Tour, deja atrás dramas recientes para aventurarse de la mano de LIV Golf, una entidad que muchos pensaron era el enemigo jurado de PGA. Con toda esta discusión de asociaciones sin precedentes y la promesa de aventura en un territorio desconocido, los ojos están firmes en lo que traerá el futuro del golf.


Hero Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club. 29 January 2023 in Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate. Tommy Fleetwood of England.
Editorial Credit: Andre61 / Shutterstock.com

La Asociación de Golfistas Profesionales (Professional Golfers Association)

La “Asociación de Golfistas Profesionales,” o PGA por sus siglas en inglés, ha sido durante mucho tiempo la organización insignia que representa a los golfistas profesionales y la pasión por el deporte en todo el mundo. Como parte de la PGA, el PGA Tour ha operado en América del Norte desde 1929, cuando un grupo de profesionales fundó la División de Jugadores de Torneos de la PGA de América. Durante casi un siglo, han organizado torneos profesionales que muestran a algunos de los mejores golfistas del mundo. Todos los participantes se reúnen para competir por una bolsa sustancial y el prestigio obvio que proviene de los torneos mismos. El PGA Tour se presentó oficialmente en 1968 y, a lo largo de los años, ha crecido exponencialmente en prominencia, competencia y número de torneos. Históricamente, la PGA ha sido el circuito de golf profesional más destacado del mundo, siendo un logro soñado para muchos y una medalla de honor sin igual de la que pocos pueden presumir. Es gracias al PGA Tour que hoy conocemos el golf como el deporte respetado que es. El torneo ha convertido al golf profesional en una pasión, una oportunidad y un evento entretenido que ofrece premios gratificantes para los golfistas y diversión para los aficionados.


LIV Golf por El Fondo de Inversión Pública de Arabia Saudita

Por muy prestigiosa que sea la PGA, no es la única gira en el mundo y, en los últimos años, hemos visto el nacimiento y el auge de LIV Golf, una gira de golf profesional respaldada por Arabia Saudita que anteriormente se conocía como Super Golf League. Con un nombre inspirado en números romanos, LIV se traduce como 54, que resulta ser exactamente el número de hoyos que corre el torneo. Con un asombroso fondo de premios de $ 25 millones para cada evento, LIV rápidamente llamó la atención de la PGA, ya que logró una posición admirable de ser una alternativa al PGA Tour. Conociendo la importancia de hacer una entrada, el primer evento de LIV se lanzó el año pasado, el 9 de junio en el Centurion Club cerca de Londres. En su página web oficial, LIV Golf afirma que su misión es “complementar el formato existente de golf profesional y llevarlo a nuevos niveles de emoción y compromiso con generaciones de fanáticos”. Con un crecimiento exponencial impresionante, LIV Golf se convirtió en LIV Golf League en 2023, aumentando su número de eventos de 8 a 14 torneos que se jugarán a nivel mundial.


LIV Team Majesticks: (L-R) Sam Horsfield,Lee Westwood,Ian Poulter and Henrik Stenson at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Editorial Credit:L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock.com


El Drama

Ninguna historia que valga la pena contar estaría completa sin un poco de drama, y tal es el caso entre el PGA Tour y LIV Golf. Las acusaciones de que LIV Golf atrajo a jugadores de alto perfil fuera de los torneos tradicionales con premios tentadores y oportunidades hicieron que creciera una disputa entre ambas ligas, cada una de las cuales afirmaba que la otra afectaba negativamente a la competencia. Comúnmente se dice que el PGA Tour, en un intento de protegerse de perder jugadores valiosos, declaró que los jugadores no podían jugar en ambos torneos, debiendo elegir solo uno. Como respuesta, LIV Golf demandó al PGA Tour y lo acusó de participar en un comportamiento monopolístico al implementar tales reglas y limitar el acceso de los jugadores a diferentes torneos además del propio. En un movimiento fácil de prever, el PGA Tour contraatacó acusando a LIV de atraer ilegalmente a jugadores para romper contratos con el PGA. Y al igual que en cualquier guerra, las bajas caían de izquierda a derecha con la comunidad de golf profesional dividida en lados opuestos de la misma pasión. Algunos perdieron patrocinios, otros rechazaron oportunidades, pero nadie podría haber visto venir este giro sin precedentes en la trama.


OCTOBER 13, 2019: Bernd Wiesberger (Austria) wins the cup at end of Day 4 of the 76 Golf Italian Open at Olgiata Golf Club in Rome, Italy. Editorial Credit: Marco Iacobucci Epp / Shutterstock.com


Las Noticias

El 6 de junio de 2023, el PGA Tour, LIV Golf y el PGA European Tour anunciaron una nueva asociación que tiene como objetivo “unificar el juego de golf” mediante la combinación de activos, esfuerzos y (seamos honestos) seguidores. Aunque muchos han recibido esta información como una fusión entre los torneos, cada uno de ellos lo ha llamado oficialmente una asociación. La asociación no solo reuniría bajo un mismo techo a los golfistas profesionales que antes estaban divididos en bandos opuestos, sino que también pondría fin a todos los litigios pendientes y pondría fin a cualquier duelo entre LIV Golf y PGA. El Fondo de Inversión Pública de Arabia Saudita, conocido como PIF, que es la cabeza detrás de LIV Golf, encabezará su junta directiva y contribuirá con la inversión financiera para la nueva entidad. El PGA Tour y LIV Golf también se fusionarán con el DP World Tour, lo que significa que los tres tours de golf más grandes del mundo unen fuerzas para llevar este deporte exclusivo a nuevas alturas.


Hero Dubai Desert Classic. Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland Hero Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club on January 25, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Editorial Credit: Andre61 / Shutterstock.com


¿Cómo se ve el futuro del golf ahora?

Depende a quién le pregunte. La asociación entre ambos torneos ha causado una buena cantidad de especulaciones. Ahora, a medida que el mundo del golf navega esta asociación que rompe paradigmas, sigue siendo cierto que el deporte del golf es un estilo de vida, una entidad viva que evoluciona y se adapta según los desafíos que lleguen a ella. El futuro del golf está en la cúspide de la transformación, y lo que esta transformación significa para el deporte aún está por verse. Una cosa sigue siendo igual, ya sea que acepte este nuevo capítulo con los brazos abiertos o lo considere una maniobra hipócrita y peligrosa, el golf es y siempre será una pasión para aquellos que pueden apreciar el arte de este deporte.

The landscape of supercars, hypercars and high performance vehicles has changed almost beyond recognition in a few short years. 


The luxury vehicle industry initially seemed somewhat hesitant to embrace the seismic changes the electrical revolution presented. However, progress and innovation is undeniably deep in the DNA of the supercar scene. What’s more, increased demand from HNW customers and the world at large ignited the imagination of the world’s greatest car brand design teams, leading to a flurry of truly exciting and game-changing releases scheduled for the end of this year, 2024 and beyond. 

Any fears of EV performance stats falling short of customer expectations have long since been cast by the wayside, with several of the most impressive high-profile launches of 2023 proving that the future is well and truly electric. Blistering speeds, ecological credentials and astonishing design flourishes are driving the EV industry forward at a truly remarkable rate – even certain supercar brands who were initially quite vocal about their faithfulness to the internal combustion engine seem to have changed their tune. 


It’s exciting to imagine that, perhaps more so than ever before, the rise of the electric supercar has initiated a creative and competitive energy in the industry that has long since been lacking. With battery range, speed capabilities, acceleration and a broad array of gleeful gadgetry back in the figurative driver’s seat of car design, the next few years are guaranteed to shift an ever-changing idiom even further into the realms of futurism. 


Radical change for radical times


Of course, we’re not quite yet living in a fully-electrified world, and there’s still a lot to be said for the guttural roar of a gas-driven roadster. Electric vehicles are still somewhat niche, making up a relatively small (but growing) minority of the market. Times are most certainly a-changing, however – EVs managed to snag 14% of worldwide vehicle shares between 2022 and 2023, and virtually every single automaker worth its salt has an EV in its current lineup. Some major names are even going all-in within a few years, adopting a progressive all-electric business model and abandoning traditional engines in their entirety. 


To say there’s considerable demand for next-gen EV cars would be quite the understatement. Historic brands at the very heart of American automotive industries, namely Chevrolet and Ford, are making massive strides in the EV industry. Tesla, Rivian and Lucid – all plucky newcomers with world-changing visions – continue to offer launch after launch to satisfy the hunger of buyers across the globe. If there’s ever been a sea change in the automotive scene, 2023 to 2026 is the period to leave space in the history books for. 

Photo by Jack S


As we enter showcase season, the team at Aurae Lifestyle has peeked behind the curtain of several of the most hotly-anticipated concepts and launches in the EV supercar scene. It’s no exaggeration to say that many of the vehicles set for audacious unveiling in 2024, 2025 and beyond are set for truly iconic status… and while it’s never quite possible to predict which cars will go down in the annals of history as bonafide groundbreaking models, it’s highly likely that more than one of the vehicles on this list has what it takes to lay the groundwork for a whole new realm of possibility. 


Join us in a celebration of future-forward supercar design and take a closer look at ten of the soon-to-be-released vehicles taking electric engines to new heights of excellence. 


DeLorean Alpha5


For those of us of a certain age, DeLorean will always and forever be associated with one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. Needless to say, the demand for the iconic 80s car brand to return to the forefront has reached fever pitch, since the kids who watched Back to the Future in awestruck silence have reached the peak of their spending powers. The Alpha5, set for release in 2024, is that triumphant return… and true to style, it’s as future-forward as can be, boasting a 300 mile electric charge range and a stunning body shape that still sits beautifully in the realm of sci-fi.


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The Alpha5 is, at its core, a spectacular all-electric sports car. It debuted in concept form at 2022’s Pebble Beach event, and the response was overwhelmingly positive enough to convince the powers that be to sign off on full production a year later. The Alpha5 will go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds, and you’re sure to look and feel fantastic as it does so. 


Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV


It would be no understatement to say that eyebrows were raised with the announcement of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV this year. If there are any car brands so deeply associated with the thrum and roar of an ICE, Dodge surely takes the crown. 

Dodge Charter Daytona SRT Concept. Photo courtesy of Dodge

However, the age of the all-electric muscle car is undoubtedly upon us, and the SRT has allayed all fears with claims that it was to pack up to 600 HP, an 800-volt architecture beneath its sleek hood and a supposed 500 miles of range. Due for public release in 2024, it’s likely to be not only an instant classic, but a harbinger of a whole new approach to performative electric vehicles. 


Genesis X Convertible


Bold and audacious newcomer Genesis made some serious waves at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, when all eyes were upon the Genesis X concept vehicle – arguably one of the most instantly-alluring showpieces present, and a car which more than hints at the future of automotive production. 


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The rapturous reception of the Genesis X led the company to look into ways to expand upon the enthusiasm, and the result of what must have been a rapid boardroom meeting is the Genesis X Convertible. Due for release in 2024, this open-top iteration of an instantly-appealing EV has a tentative price tag of $300,000 – and there’s little doubt that the limited run will be nothing short of a spectacular success. 


Lexus LFA EV


Late 2024 will also see the launch of Lexus’ most sincere foray into the realm of the electric supercar, a brand development which – unlike several others on this list – feels like a totally natural move for a brand that’s built upon always being ahead of the curve. The LFA EV will be a resurrection of Lexus’ much-loved LFA concept, albeit one powered by an all-electric engine and the full gamut of high-spec wizardry we’ve come to expect. 



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For those who’ve had their eye on Lexus’ major plans and developments over the past few years, the LFA EV won’t throw forward too many surprises. It was, after all, previewed by the beautiful Electrified Sport concept vehicle in 2021, and will feature the same rear-drive proportions, a two-second 0-60 roar of acceleration, and what has so far been cryptically referred to as a ‘virtual gearbox’. Consider our curiosity more than piqued. 


Ferrari Electric Supercar (details TBA)


More than enough people – including those at the very highest echelons of the Ferrari brand – said it would never happen. However, in perhaps the clearest indicator of a seismic shift in the world of supercars and high performance vehicles, Ferrari has indeed announced they will be adding an EV to their range by the end of 2025 “at the latest”. 

It’s no longer merely languishing in the rumor mill, either. CEO Benedetto Vigna himself revealed that a Ferrari EV is underway, claiming it to be an “emotional vehicle” offering a truly “unique driving experience”. Ladies and gentlemen, a new age is most certainly upon us.


Maserati MC20 Folgore


Every great movement, every potent revolution and every great leap forward needs its flag bearer. While there have been considerable progressive jumps in the world of electric supercars over the past decade, the Maserati MC20 may just be the one to set the standard moving forwards. Why? Because it successfully pairs a kind of traditional mid-engined stylisation with awe-inspiring handling and usability, as well as the kind of blistering acceleration that may convert petroleum purists once and for all. 

Photo courtesy of Maserati. © 2023 Copyright Maserati

The Maserati team is painfully aware of their audience’s high standards, and the top brass at the brand seems to have meticulously ironed out any creases to ensure their run of six Maserati EVs is a surefire hit. The idea is a simple one: to offer EVs that not only meet all the expectations of the public, but which actually outperform their ICE models while not losing an iota of character along the way. Can they achieve this with the MC20 Folgore? Time will tell.  


Aston Martin Valhalla


It’s no real surprise to see Aston Martin entering the EV supercar fold, not least because the past few years has seen the peerless British automotive brand firming up a healthy list of collaborative partners to future-proof their lofty ongoing ambitions. 



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First there was the joining of forces between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz, who are lending not only expertise in EV production but also their modern signature electric chassis to the Brits. Next, there was the bringing on board of Britishvolt, a UK-based battery innovation firm promising to revolutionize battery tech for a new generation of high performance vehicles. Such shared expertise has led to the announcement of the Valhalla, positioned to be nothing less than a new chapter in the already-impressive tome of Aston Martin history. 


At present, the Valhalla is a plug-in hybrid supercar – albeit one of magnificent visual and performative qualities. However, after its delivery in 2024, Aston Martin is going all-in with fully electric supercars, promising that EVs will form the core of its models by 2030. 


Lamborghini Electric Supercars (TBA)


Lamborghini is another Italian supercar brand that wasn’t overly eager to play their hand too soon when it came to EV aspirations. However, 2023 saw the automaker finally unveil their plans for electrification, which will proceed across two separate phases before culminating in a full range of all-electric supercars by 2035. 

Lamborghini Revuelto Studio. Photo courtesy of Lamborghini


The end of 2024 will see Lamborghini roll out gas-electric hybrid iterations of their full current lineup – a massive shift in commitments, and one which clearly signposts the future of the brand. That means we’ll be seeing plug-in versions of the Huracán, Aventador and Urus models, and an as-yet unnamed fully electric fourth release is planned for some time in the next five years. 


Aehra Luxury EV Saloon


The US-Italian EV start-up, Aehra, has succeeded in grabbing the attention of the automotive world in truly impressive fashion this decade. The recently revealed SUV model was a barnstorming hit, proving that EV models – even in muscular SUV form – have come on leaps and bounds in the 2020s, and the EV revolution truly shows no signs of slowing. 



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This year, Aehra HQ announced a fully-electric saloon vehicle will be their next big release for 2024. While the precise details have been kept closely under wraps, we do know it will be stylistically similar to the SUV (that means a sleek roofline, signature front and rear design-led lighting and coquettishly short overhangs) and will be priced somewhere around the $180,000 mark. 


Impressively, the saloon has been designed by Lamborghini style maven Filippo Perini. His opinion? It will supposedly look more like a supercar than any saloon that’s come before, and is the “best vehicle” he’s ever designed. One to watch, for sure. 


Lotus Evija


The British car industry – long since associated with the utmost in old-school luxury automotive brands – is well and truly embracing the opportunities electrification presents. Few examples wave the flag for this new dawn quite as successfully as the newly-launched Lotus Evija, a limited-run EV hypercar that blazes trails for Lotus to follow. 

Photo courtesy of Lotus

With just 130 units set for release (although a brand-new iteration is on the cards), the Evjira boasts a quad-electric motor that throws out 1,972 hp. That’s enough to allow the hypercar to whipcrack from 0-60 in under 2 seconds, prompting obvious comparisons to industry leaders such as the Pininfarina Battista and Rimac Nevera. 


Aurae Lifestyle: Luxury and progress, hand in hand. 

A life lived luxuriously isn’t just about admiration for the craftsmanship of the past, it’s about embracing the best of the new. At Aurae Lifestyle, we believe that innovation and finesse form the core of contemporary elegance and opulence, and EV supercars are the mere tip of an impressive and world-altering iceberg.

El panorama de los superautos, los hiperautos y los vehículos de alto rendimiento ha cambiado casi hasta hacerse irreconocible en unos pocos años.


Inicialmente, la industria de los vehículos de lujo parecía algo vacilante a la hora de aceptar los cambios sísmicos que presentaba la revolución eléctrica. Sin embargo, el progreso y la innovación están indudablemente arraigados en el ADN de la escena de los superdeportivos. Además, el aumento de la demanda de los clientes de ultra altos patrimonios y del mundo en general encendió la imaginación de los mejores equipos de diseño de marcas de automóviles del mundo, o que llevó a una serie de lanzamientos verdaderamente emocionantes y revolucionarios programados para fines de este año, 2024 y más allá.

Cualquier temor de que las estadísticas de rendimiento de los vehículos eléctricos no estén a la altura de las expectativas de los clientes se ha dejado de lado hace mucho tiempo, con varios de los lanzamientos de alto perfil más impresionantes de 2023 que demuestran que el futuro es verdaderamente eléctrico. Velocidades vertiginosas, credenciales ecológicas y florituras de diseño sorprendentes están impulsando la industria de los vehículos eléctricos a un ritmo verdaderamente notable, incluso ciertas marcas de superdeportivos que inicialmente expresaron bastante su fidelidad al motor de combustión interna parecen haber cambiado de opinión.

Es emocionante imaginar que, quizás más que nunca, el surgimiento del superdeportivo eléctrico ha iniciado una energía creativa y competitiva en la industria que hace tiempo que faltaba. Con el alcance de la batería, las capacidades de velocidad, la aceleración y una amplia gama de artilugios alegres en el asiento figurativo del conductor del diseño del automóvil, se garantiza que los próximos años cambiarán el siempre en evolución reino del futurismo.


Cambio Radical para Tiempos Radicales


Por supuesto, todavía no vivimos en un mundo completamente electrificado, y todavía hay mucho que decir sobre el rugido gutural de un roadster impulsado por gasolina. Los vehículos eléctricos siguen siendo un nicho y constituyen una minoría relativamente pequeña (pero creciente) del mercado. Sin embargo, los tiempos ciertamente están cambiando: los vehículos eléctricos lograron captar el 14 % de las acciones de vehículos en todo el mundo entre 2022 y 2023, y prácticamente todos los fabricantes de automóviles que valen la pena tienen un vehículo eléctrico en su línea actual. Algunos nombres importantes incluso están apostando todo en unos pocos años, adoptando un modelo de negocio progresivo totalmente eléctrico y abandonando los motores tradicionales en su totalidad.

Decir que existe una demanda considerable de vehículos eléctricos de última generación sería quedarse corto. Las marcas históricas en el corazón de las industrias automotrices estadounidenses, a saber, Chevrolet y Ford, están dando pasos gigantes en la industria de los vehículos eléctricos. Tesla, Rivian y Lucid, todos valientes recién llegados con visiones que cambiarán el mundo, continúan ofreciendo lanzamiento tras lanzamiento para satisfacer el hambre de los compradores en todo el mundo. Si alguna vez ha habido un cambio radical en la escena automotriz, 2023 a 2026 es el período para dejar espacio en los libros de historia.

Foto por Jack S

A medida que entramos en la temporada de exhibición, el equipo de Aurae Lifestyle ha echado un vistazo detrás de la cortina de varios de los conceptos y lanzamientos más esperados en la escena de los superdeportivos EV. No es exagerado decir que muchos de los vehículos que se presentarán audazmente en 2024, 2025 y más allá están configurados para un estatus verdaderamente icónico… y aunque nunca es posible predecir qué autos pasarán a  la historia como modelos innovadores, es muy probable que más de uno de los vehículos de esta lista tenga lo necesario para sentar las bases de todo un nuevo mundo de posibilidades.


Únase a nosotros en una celebración del diseño de superdeportivos del futuro y eche un vistazo más de cerca a diez de los vehículos que se lanzarán próximamente y que llevarán los motores eléctricos a nuevas alturas de excelencia.


DeLorean Alpha5


Para aquellos de nosotros de cierta edad, DeLorean siempre estará asociado con una de las mejores franquicias cinematográficas de todos los tiempos. No hace falta decir que la demanda de que la icónica marca de automóviles de los años 80 vuelva a la vanguardia ha alcanzado un punto álgido, ya que los niños que vieron Regreso Al Futuro en un silencio atónito han alcanzado la cima de su poder adquisitivo. El Alpha5, que se lanzará en 2024, es ese regreso triunfal y fiel a su estilo. Es lo más vanguardista que puede ser, con un rango de carga eléctrica de 300 millas y una forma de cuerpo impresionante que todavía encaja maravillosamente en el reino de la ciencia ficción.


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El Alpha5 es, en esencia, un espectacular auto deportivo totalmente eléctrico. Debutó en forma de concepto en el evento Pebble Beach de 2022, y la respuesta fue abrumadoramente lo suficientemente positiva como para convencer a los poderes fácticos de firmar la producción completa un año después. El Alpha5 pasará de 0 a 60 en 3,4 segundos, y seguramente se verá y se sentirá fantástico mientras lo hace.


Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV


No sería una subestimación decir que se levantaron las cejas con el anuncio del Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV este año. Si hay alguna marca de automóviles tan profundamente asociada con el ruido y el rugido de un motor de combustión interna, Dodge seguramente se lleva la corona.

Dodge Charter Daytona SRT Concept. Foto cortesía de Dodge

Sin embargo, la era de los muscle car totalmente eléctricos está sin duda sobre nosotros, y el SRT ha disipado todos los temores con afirmaciones de que tendría hasta 600 caballos de fuerza, una arquitectura de 800 voltios debajo de su elegante capó y una supuesta autonomía de 500 millas. rango. Debido a su lanzamiento público en 2024, es probable que no solo sea un clásico instantáneo, sino un presagio de un enfoque completamente nuevo para los vehículos eléctricos de alto rendimiento.


Genesis X Convertible


El recién llegado y audaz, Génesis, causó sensación en el Auto Show de Los Ángeles 2022, cuando todos los ojos estaban puestos en el vehículo conceptual Genesis X, posiblemente una de las obras maestras presentes más atractivas al instante, y un automóvil que más que insinúa el futuro de producción automotriz.


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La entusiasta recepción del Genesis X llevó a la compañía a buscar formas de expandir el entusiasmo, y el resultado de lo que debe haber sido una reunión rápida en la sala de juntas es el Genesis X Convertible. Con fecha de lanzamiento prevista para 2024, esta iteración descapotable de un vehículo eléctrico atractivo al instante tiene un precio tentativo de $300,000, y no hay duda de que el lanzamiento limitado será un éxito espectacular.


Lexus LFA EV


A fines de 2024 también se verá el lanzamiento de la incursión más sincera de Lexus en el ámbito de los superdeportivos eléctricos, un desarrollo de marca que, a diferencia de varios otros en esta lista, se siente como un movimiento totalmente natural para una marca que se basa en estar siempre por delante de la curva. El LFA EV será una resurrección del muy querido concepto LFA de Lexus, aunque impulsado por un motor totalmente eléctrico y la gama completa de magia de alta especificación que esperamos.


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Para aquellos que han estado atentos a los principales planes y desarrollos de Lexus en los últimos años, el LFA EV no traerá demasiadas sorpresas. Después de todo, contó con una vista previa del hermoso vehículo conceptual Electrified Sport en 2021, y contará con las mismas proporciones de tracción trasera, un rugido de aceleración de 0 a 60 en dos segundos y lo que hasta ahora se ha denominado crípticamente como un ‘ caja de cambios virtual’. Definitivamente nos pica la curiosidad.


Ferrari Electric Supercar (detalles para ser anunciados)


Más que suficientes personas, incluidas aquellas en los escalones más altos de la marca Ferrari, dijeron que nunca sucedería. Sin embargo, quizás en el indicador más claro de un cambio sísmico en el mundo de los superdeportivos y los vehículos de alto rendimiento, Ferrari ha anunciado que agregará un VE a su gama para fines de 2025 “a más tardar”.

Foto por Martin Katler en Unsplash

Ya no está simplemente languideciendo en la fábrica de rumores. El propio CEO Benedetto Vigna reveló que un VE Ferrari está en marcha, afirmando que es un “vehículo emocional” que ofrece una verdadera “experiencia de conducción única”. Damas y caballeros, una nueva era ciertamente está sobre nosotros.


Maserati MC20 Folgore


Todo gran movimiento, toda revolución potente y todo gran salto adelante necesita su abanderado. Si bien ha habido saltos progresivos considerables en el mundo de los superdeportivos eléctricos durante la última década, el Maserati MC20 puede ser el que establezca el estándar en el futuro. ¿Por qué? Porque combina con éxito una especie de estilización tradicional de motor central con un manejo y una facilidad de uso asombrosos, así como el tipo de aceleración vertiginosa que puede convertir a los puristas del petróleo de una vez por todas.

Foto cortesía de Maserati. © 2023 Copyright Maserati

El equipo de Maserati es dolorosamente consciente de los altos estándares de su audiencia, y los altos mandos de la marca parecen haber solucionado meticulosamente cualquier arruga para garantizar que su serie de seis VE Maserati  sea un éxito seguro. La idea es simple: ofrecer vehículos eléctricos que no solo cumplan con todas las expectativas del público, sino que realmente superen a sus modelos motor de combustión interna sin perder un ápice de carácter en el camino. ¿Pueden lograr esto con el MC20 Folgore? El tiempo lo dirá.


Aston Martin Valhalla


No es una verdadera sorpresa ver a Aston Martin entrar en el redil de los VE superdeportivos, sobre todo porque en los últimos años la incomparable marca automotriz británica ha consolidado una saludable lista de socios colaborativos para asegurar sus elevadas ambiciones en el futuro.


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Primero fue la unión de fuerzas entre Aston Martin y Mercedes-Benz, que están aportando no solo su experiencia en la producción de vehículos eléctricos, sino también su moderno chasis eléctrico característico a los británicos. A continuación, se incorporó a Britishvolt, una empresa de innovación de baterías con sede en el Reino Unido que promete revolucionar la tecnología de baterías para una nueva generación de vehículos de alto rendimiento. Tal experiencia compartida ha llevado al anuncio del Valhalla, posicionado para ser nada menos que un nuevo capítulo en el ya impresionante tomo de la historia de Aston Martin.


En la actualidad, el Valhalla es un superdeportivo híbrido enchufable, aunque con magníficas cualidades visuales y de rendimiento. Sin embargo, después de su entrega en 2024, Aston Martin apuesta por los superdeportivos totalmente eléctricos y promete que los vehículos eléctricos serán el núcleo de sus modelos para 2030.


Lamborghini Electric Supercars (Será anunciado pronto)


Lamborghini es otra marca italiana de superdeportivos que no estaba demasiado ansiosa por jugar su mano demasiado pronto en lo que respecta a las aspiraciones de vehículos eléctricos. Sin embargo, en 2023, el fabricante de automóviles finalmente reveló sus planes de electrificación, que se desarrollarán en dos fases separadas antes de culminar en una gama completa de superdeportivos totalmente eléctricos para 2035.


Lamborhini Revuelto Studio. Foto cortesía de Lamborghini

A finales de 2024, Lamborghini lanzará iteraciones híbridas de gasolina y electricidad de su línea actual completa, un cambio masivo en los compromisos y que marca claramente el futuro de la marca. Eso significa que veremos versiones enchufables de los modelos Huracán, Aventador y Urus, y se planea un cuarto lanzamiento totalmente eléctrico aún sin nombre para algún tiempo en los próximos cinco años.

Ahera Luxury EV Saloon


El emprendimiento americo-italieno, Aehra, ha logrado captar la atención del mundo automotriz de una manera realmente impresionante en esta década. El modelo SUV recientemente revelado fue un gran éxito, lo que demuestra que los modelos eléctricos, incluso en forma de SUV musculoso, han avanzado a pasos agigantados en la década de 2020, y la revolución de VEs realmente no muestra signos de desaceleración.


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Este año, Aehra HQ anunció que su próximo gran lanzamiento para 2024 será un vehículo sedán completamente eléctrico. Si bien los detalles precisos se han mantenido en secreto, sabemos que será estilísticamente similar al SUV (eso significa una línea de techo elegante, iluminación LED de diseño frontal y trasera de la firma y voladizos coquetamente cortos) y tendrá un precio de alrededor de $ 180,000.


Impresionantemente, la berlina ha sido diseñada por el experto en estilo Lamborghini Filippo Perini. ¿Su opinion? Supuestamente, se parecerá más a un superdeportivo que a cualquier sedán anterior, y es el “mejor vehículo” que jamás haya diseñado. Uno para ver, seguro.


Lotus Evija


La industria automotriz británica, asociada desde hace mucho tiempo con lo máximo en marcas automotrices de lujo de la vieja escuela, está aprovechando de verdad las oportunidades que presenta la electrificación. Pocos ejemplos ondean la bandera de este nuevo amanecer con tanto éxito como el recién lanzado Lotus Evija, un hipercoche eléctrico de ejecución limitada que abre caminos para que Lotus lo siga.

Foto cortesía deLotus

Con solo 130 unidades programadas para el lanzamiento (aunque hay una nueva iteración en las cartas), el Evjira cuenta con un motor cuádruple eléctrico que genera 1,972 caballos de fuerza. Eso es suficiente para permitir que el hipercoche pase de 0 a 60 en menos de 2 segundos, lo que genera comparaciones obvias con líderes de la industria como Pininfarina Battista y Rimac Nevera.


Aurae Lifestyle: Lujo y progreso de la mano. 

Una vida vivida lujosamente no se trata solo de admiración por la artesanía del pasado, se trata de abrazar lo mejor de lo nuevo. En Aurae Lifestyle, creemos que la innovación y la delicadeza forman el núcleo de la elegancia y la opulencia contemporáneas, y los superdeportivos eléctricos son solo la punta de un iceberg impresionante que cambiará el mundo.

The freedom to travel, to see the world as your figurative oyster, and to seek out far-flung tropical paradises and the dizzying realms of international business remain the clearest indicators of success in 2023. As such, private jets and unfettered air travel have a special place in the hearts and minds of those who make luxury central to their lifestyle. 


From the peerless status symbol of the Learjets of the 80s and 90s to the future-forward flying machines of the 21st century, private aviation is among the most dynamic and thrilling industries there is across all aspects of transportation. Ever changing, ever evolving and consistently unveiling awe-inspiring technological advances and paradigm-shifting concepts, it’s a realm which keeps luxury trendspotters forever on their toes. 


The past few years have been particularly exciting for the private jet scene. With technological hubs shifting from their traditional heartlands in countries like the UK, Italy and Switzerland to innovation centers in (where else?) The United Arab Emirates, Japan and China, there has been a reinvigorated energy present in jet manufacturing this decade like never before. 


From spectacular and opulent interiors to new speed records being tested and broken, new destinations drawing the UHNW travelers of the world and new brands making waves on the scene, it’s a fascinating time for the uppermost echelons of aeronautics. 

New Horizons for Opulent Air Travel


Before we take a closer look at the private jets redefining the industry in 2023 and beyond, it’s worth delving into some of the most exciting new aspects of luxury air travel as a whole. Many of the fundamentals of aeronautics have shifted considerably across the past decade, with the way jets are being built and their incredible capabilities reflecting consumer demands for faster, more comfortable and more efficient private flights.


It was only a matter of time before supersonic commercial and private planes arose once more. After the unfortunate demise of Concorde (following a catastrophic and deadly crash in Paris 23 years ago), supersonic passenger planes almost entirely faded from view. However, contemporary technology and no shortage of brilliant minds have brought this most opulent of transportation options back from the brink, with grandiose plans to see private jets once again breaking the sound barrier and crossing oceans in record time. 


The supersonic aviation race is well and truly upon us in 2023, with numerous major brands – both well-established and blazingly new – competing to lead this pioneering field. The Stargazer, built by the shoot-for-the-moon engineers at Venus Aerospace is boldly claiming to launch a supersonic passenger plane capable of reaching Mach 9 (nine times the speed of sound, or approximately 7,000 mph) in the very near future. By opening up short haul flights from New York to Tokyo and completing the journey in just one hour, these speeds would radically transform business travel on a global scale. 


Sir Richard Branson, ever the eager pioneer of aeronautics, this year announced the construction of the Virgin Galactic business jet. Predicting flight times between New York and London in just 90 minutes, it’s yet another potential game-changer on the scene. Spike Aerospace, Boom Supersonic and Lockheed Martin are other names working tirelessly to resurrect supersonic travel, and with such healthy competition forging the heart of this scene, it’s almost inevitable that many of their plans and aspirations will come to some form of fruition in the very near future. 


The primary (and most exciting) gamechanger behind this new generation of supersonic passenger jets has been the embracing and exploration of suborbital space flight. Driven by a host of new innovations far too complex to delve into here, these flights will attain elevations of over 260,000 feet, exiting the Earth’s atmosphere and using this advantage to achieve extremely rapid point-to-point travel. 


There’s still a fair amount of work to do before suborbital supersonic flight becomes commercially viable. However, there’s a clear appetite for the industry among UNHW individuals, and it isn’t difficult to see how flying between London and Sydney in two hours will, almost inevitably, transform luxury travel forever. 


The Seven Private Jets To Watch in 2023


2023 is already proving to be a vintage year for the private jet world, with a host of new arrivals on the scene demonstrating that the industry is in fantastic health. Let’s take a look at the seven models on every elite traveler’s wish list for this year and beyond. 


Airbus ACJ220 

While achieving blistering speeds and heightened efficiency of travel is very much in Airbus’ MO, there’s more than enough emphasis in 2023 on comfort, size and luxury to call for a jet of the ACJ220’s impressive proportions. 


Photo by: PATRICK DESROCHERS, courtesy of Airbus. ©Airbus SAS 2020


With space for up to 135 passengers, the ACJ220 is arguably more akin to a flying penthouse apartment than a jet. Spacious, beautiful and boasting six large-sized VIP areas (designed for up to 19 passengers), a master bedroom with en-suite bedroom and shower, a conference room with a 55-inch monitor and a fully-equipped kitchen, it’s a plane of truly presidential proportions. 


Priced at $82 million, this latest launch from Airbus is a savvy private reimagining of their A220 commercial plane and offers a flight range of 12 hours or 5,650 miles. As such, it could comfortably cover travel between Hong Kong and Hawaii, offering the utmost in comfort along the way. 


Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream is arguably among the most iconic names in the private jet industry, and not without good reason – the brand has launched some of the most instantly recognisable and enviable jets of the past couple of decades, consistently driving the industry onwards and upwards in spectacular style. 


Editorial credit: Georgiphoto / Shutterstock.com


The Gulfstream G700 will enter service in late 2023, and it’s a flagship model that offers a host of bonafide breakthroughs for the private jet scene as a whole. A trailblazer for a new generation of business jets, it’s set to break records for speed, range and interior options for a plane of its size; a top speed just shy of the sound barrier (0.925 maximum Mach speed), a 7,500 nautical mile range and five spacious living spaces including a master bedroom are just the beginning. 


This is a private jet intelligently built for high-powered business travelers seeking to maximize on comfort and efficiency. With 20 oversized windows to increase natural light within the cabin and an innovative circadian lighting system, Gulfstream is aiming to offer global travel with minimal jetlag. This, coupled with newly designed ergonomic seating, custom-made fabrics and next-gen entertainment systems guarantee that flying in the G700 will be a rarefied pleasure quite unlike anything else in the skies this year. 


Bombardier Global 8000

 Directly competing with Gulfstream for a new high point in international business travel, the Global 8000 is the forthcoming launch from industry stalwart Bombardier. Priced at $78 million, the Global 8000 has run test flights at a top speed of 0.94 Mach – again, achingly close to supersonic travel – and is establishing links between global business hubs and luxury travel destinations including London and Perth, Singapore and Los Angeles, and Dubai and Houston. 


Photo courtesy of Bombardier.com


As is seemingly becoming standard in the world of top-of-the-range private jets, the Global 8000 is optimally designed to host 19 passengers and places a clear emphasis on comfortable and ergonomically-enhanced travel. Indeed, there has been much fanfare from Bombardier HQ regarding the innovation of its ‘zero-gravity seating position’, designed to make passengers feel a sense of weightlessness, in order to remove any danger of lower back pressure and to heighten the overall opulence of the experience. 


Photo courtesy of Bombardier.com


Those lucky enough to spend time in the cockpit will be able to enjoy the beautiful Vision Flight Deck, featuring four huge avionics screens, the latest generation of monitoring and display systems, and navigation technology which aims to make business flying more efficient than ever before. 


Dassault Falcon 10X

If it’s the range you’re looking for, the much-anticipated Dassault Falcon has you covered. Representing a new generation of ultra long range jets, the Falcon 10X – set for launch in 2025 – promises to be the largest business jet the feted brand has ever released, as well as the biggest purpose-made business jet available on the market. Aiming to attract a global elite of globe-crossing business and luxury travel customers, the 10X is offering a flight range of 7,500 miles, which will take passengers comfortably between Los Angeles and Sydney without any need for a stopover. 


Falcon 10X
Photo courtesy of DassaultFalcon.com


The smashing of previously held records doesn’t stop there, either. Thanks to an enormously mutually-beneficial collaboration with aeronautics frontrunners Rolls Royce, the Falcon 10X features Rolls Royce Pearl 10X high-thrust engines; a set of completely unique and custom-built engines which are among the largest and most powerful the manufacturers have ever produced. 


Falcon 10X Cabin
Photo courtesy of DassaultFalcon.com


As for comfort, Dassault prides itself on being a company which never fails to go above and beyond when it comes to luxury and style. The jet has customisable interior configuration, and the cabin can be arranged to feature four spacious lounges and a master bedroom (featuring a private bathroom and the largest shower in the Dassault fleet). Beautiful and copious natural light will pour into the plane through 38 windows, allowing for panoramic views as the world passes by below. 


Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa has built a powerful international reputation as an aerospace company par excellence, elevating passenger flights with a uniquely teutonic approach to efficiency and meticulous design. Their recent partnership with Brabus (German automobile mavens responsible for many next-gen Mercedes-Benz and Porsche releases) has led to a new chapter in the Lufthansa legend: the creation of beautiful high-concept private jet travel exceeding even the loftiest luxury expectations. 


Photo by DAIMLER/LUFTHANSA TECHNIK AG. Courtesy of Lufthansa Technik AG.


Lufthansa Technik is a customized Adventure Lounge concept, transforming private jets into something more akin to a flying 5-star hotel. The concept was a thrilling one from the very beginning: to bring the superyacht experience to aeronautics and private aviation, with planes doubling as both elite homes and adventure vessels. 


With a spacious and gloriously designed Adventure Lounge replacing the plane’s baggage storage space (separated from the main deck by a glass ceiling, no less), it’s a vast leisure space that lives up to the concept in flawless style. The latest model also boasted a motorcycle space, meaning owners can roll out of the plane on two wheels and unleash their destination’s potential. Fantastic!


Hondajet 2600 

Those with their fingers on the pulse of the private aviation scene will know that Honda – Japan’s leading automobile manufacturer – is currently shaking up the private jet scene like no other brand. The VLJ Hondajet HA-420, which was launched a few short years ago, transformed the light jet industry almost overnight. The 2600 is set to do the same for mid-size private jets, boasting the ability to cruise along transcontinental flight routes and offer a luxury experience for a (relatively) lower price than many other vessels on the market. 


HondaJet 2600 Concept Image. Photo courtesy of HondaNews.com


The 2600 features cabin space for eight passengers, each provided with comfortable fully reclining seats that can be converted into beds. It may be relatively compact for a mid-sized jet, but there’s little doubt that for those travelling from New York to Los Angeles or across Europe and Asia, it’s guaranteed to be enormously popular.


Beechcraft Denali

While the luxury private jet industry is one primarily focused on maximalism, ostentatious glamor and all-out luxury, the nature of the luxury industries has shifted in recent years. A new generation of UHNW individuals is rising, and they’re valuing the spontaneous, the adventurous, the convenient and the discreet above the more traditional ‘all-out’ opulence of yesteryear.


Beechcraft Denali DJVJ0054. Photo courtesy of media.txtav.com


As such, it’s no real surprise that the launch of the Beechcraft Denali has resonated with a younger up-and-coming crowd of global elite customers. While not technically a jet plane, the Denali has more than in its power and potential to be directly compared to many of the vessels on this list. Lighter, more compact than many, the Denali nonetheless offers space for up to 11 intrepid passengers and features a largest-in-class interior for trips across the states or further afield. 


Denali Interior Cabin. Photo courtesy of media.txtav.com


Capable of covering 1600 miles at 328 mph, its appeal is in its eco-conscious design and convenience… and we can just imagine heading off in this plane with a group of friends – enjoying the oversized windows and executive seating – for an unforgettable trip away from the madding crowds. 


Live Life Without Limits

Luxury living is always about aiming higher. It’s a philosophy that removes the barriers to freedom and pleasure, and which insists on following one’s inspiration and enjoying the world in all its glory. From private aviation to the world of superyachting, entertainment, fine dining, tropical retreats and buzzing cultural capitals, to live in luxury is about settling for nothing but the best in all that you do.

At Aurae Lifestyle, we believe in showcasing the finest that the world has to offer. Discover Aurae Lifestyle today and unleash the potential of life lived luxuriously.