A Molecular Gastronomy Hall of Fame for the Truly Epicurious

By now it’s more than clear that humans are always finding new and exciting ways of doing things, whether that be technology, space travel, unbelievable cars or… cooking. It’s a fact that no one wants to eat something unappetizing, and when the world is so globalized that we now can eat what people on the other side of the planet eat, things can get a little boring. But what if you could eat dishes you already know in ground-breaking new ways? That is just what molecular gastronomy is about. A phenomenon taking the gastronomy world by storm, molecular gastronomy is a rule-bending movement that incorporates science in the art of cooking, presenting a final dish that is nothing short of a work of art and an experience on its own.

Chefs that double as mad scientists thrill their palate with incredible and delicately curated meals that leave nothing to chance, having been carefully designed from their very molecules. Not anyone can be a molecular gastronomy chef. It is a skillful artform that requires the utmost attention to detail, knowledge of flavors and sleek presentation.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most staggering molecular gastronomy restaurants around the world.

The Fat Duck, London

Located in London, England, The Fat Duck is one of the most legendary masters of molecular cuisine. Having opened in 1996, The Fat Duck has positioned itself as a bucket list essential for the epicurious. Even more, The Fat Duck’s Chef is no other than Heston Blumenthal, a true pioneer of the molecular movement and if that’s not enough to make your mouth water and heart beat with excitement, this restaurant can proudly boast its, not one, not two, but three Michelin stars -a feat only few worthy can accomplish- and seats 42 diners, making it a rather intimate and elite experience.

Like many of the other restaurants you’ll see on this list, you must make a reservation in order to enjoy the ambiance of the unique molecular restaurant. However, unlike many of the restaurant soon to be mentioned, The Fat Duck has a relaxed approach to dress codes, not imposing a dress code policy to access the premises.

Atera, New York City


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More than just a meal, Atera provides diners with a sensory dining experience that immerses the lucky few into an ocean of creativity and culinary poetry. With their tasting menu starting at $298 per person, Atera finds itself in constant evolution by offering different menus that follow a unique seasonal pattern. With the everchanging experience, Atera constantly surprises even the most loyal epicurious. Going beyond taste, the restaurant aims to involve your nose, your eardrums and your eyes into the artform that is the world of molecular culinary. The exclusivity of the restaurant finds its source in the limited seating of the Main Dining Room. Focused on the details of the experience, the restaurant welcomes parties of up to 4 guests, ensuring that the incomparable experience is as private as can be.


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Atera is a restaurant experience like no other, which is why not just anyone can walk in. Reservations must be made a month in advance, making the dinner an event in and of itself. The restaurant consists of two areas, the Main Dining Room and The Library. The first boasts an open kitchen with a Chef’s counter, allowing diners to be part of the making of the meals and “behind the scenes” magic that is usually hidden in other, more conventional, restaurants. The Library can accommodate up to 8 of the most passionate gastronomes, making your private dinner parties a night to remember. No matter which room you decide to dine in, in Atera you will find an unrepeatable experience that tingles all of the senses.

Noma, Copenhagen

Curating a one of a kind menu does not mean you have to import foreign and exotic ingredients. Noma not only knows this but has actually perfectioned the art of exploring and discovering local ingredients to make a spectacular and delicious menu. By finding inspiration in what is local, they also appreciate the magic of what is in season, meaning that their menu follows nature as it changes throughout the year. For more than 20 years, Noma has perfected the art of innovation in the kitchen. Having a team comprised by more than kitchen staff, Noma relies on a team of gardeners, foragers and researchers.


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True fans of the gourmand know that dining at Norma is a luxury few can enjoy, which is why reservations are sold out faster than they open up. However, there is no need to worry as Norma allows aspiring guests to join a waiting list where they can join other ambitious and pleasure-seeking individuals that know good food is one of the luxuries of life. Their prices vary in the tasting menu you desire, but a prepayment of approximately $560 USD per person is required to confirm the reservation.

El Cielo, Bogotá

Colombia’s gastronomic scene has been subject to a massive and impressive boom in most recent years. An iconic pioneer is El Cielo, a successful gastronomic experience that now enjoys an international title, and locations in Washington D.C and Miami that boast a Michelin star each. With an avant-garde experience and paradigm breaking meals, El Cielo brings new life to traditional Colombian food. They pride themselves in their ingredients, which, like those preparing them, are Colombian. Their menu, like a story, is divided into moments, having an interesting beginning, and exciting plot and a wonderful end that makes diners feel and array of emotions.

Menus vary from location to location, but they mostly consist of approximately 20 moments that transport the diner to a voyage of senses. The experience can be paired by a set of glasses of wine, but those that prefer drinks without alcohol can also find options perfect for them. Whatever your food preferences are, El Cielo will fascinate each of your senses as you discover a new and modern take of a rather niche cuisine.

STAY by Yannick Alléno, Dubai

Crowned by two Michelin stars, Stay by Yannick Alléno is an experience of fine dining that presents the perfect marriage between playfulness and luxury. The restaurant has a magnificently curated menu of French cuisine. Unlike the aforementioned restaurants, Stay does not consist solely of a prix fixe menu, but rather allows its diners to choose from its exclusive a la carte menu as well as set menus of 4 or 6 courses. Chef Yannick’s success is not surprising when you think about the numerous Michelin stars he has been awarded in France, making him one of the most talented chefs in the world and an icon when it comes to new technologies meeting the classics.

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