A New Wave of Superyacht Toys for 2024 and Beyond

The superyacht industry is one which never fails to surprise and impress. It is, after all, the recession-proof industry par excellence; one which continues to grow year on year, not merely when it comes to the increasingly gargantuan scale of its most remarkable vessels and their capabilities, but in the sheer breadth of ownership.

Changing Tides for the Most Luxurious of Industries

The stats speak for themselves: the luxury yacht industry is projected to be worth a dazzling $10.8 billion by 2026, and between 2013 and 2023 (yes, even during the pandemic years), approximately 100 new superyachts were launched year on year.

However, perhaps the most telling and surprising superyacht stat of the moment is that which deals with the age of yacht owners and users. For much of the 20th century, there was a clear picture of the typical yacht owner. They were male, white, wealthy and conspicuously middle-aged; the kind of ageing gentleman who wanted to use his wealth to spend unending summers in the marinas of Monaco, Cannes and various accommodating Greek islands on the European side, the Florida Keys and former colonies in the Caribbean on the other edge of the Atlantic.

We’ve known about the seismic shifts happening in the UHNW sector when it comes to age demographics for some time. However, superyacht ownership and enthusiasm was never expected to change its face quite so dramatically – today, the typical yacht owner or charter customer is a whole 15 years younger (on average) than they were 10 years ago. Chartering is on the up, outright ownership is gradually falling. Yachting has become more of a pastime than a year-round lifestyle… and with this sea change, the industry has transformed in fascinating new ways.



While we could explore the various transformations this demographic realignment has brought out in further detail, today we’ll focus on the fun stuff.

The superyacht toy industry – that which deals with high-octane thrills, underwater exploration, wave-riding sports and more – has risen to the challenge of delighting the senses of younger yachters with impressive results.

It’s indicative, once again, of the changing face and demands of its audience; those heading out onto the ocean  no longer prioritise the entertainment options of their predecessors – shopping in Monte Carlo, sipping sparkling wine on the deck, for example – but seek experiential encounters and water-based opportunities for wellness and exploration. The younger, newer and more dynamic generation of yachters sees the ocean as a playground, vast natural spa, wilderness and safari, and the superyacht toy industry has been taking note.


Faster. Deeper. Sleeker. Greener.


Last year’s Monaco Yacht Show – the truly unmissable calendar fixture for superyacht owners worldwide – had more of an emphasis on superyacht toys and accessories than ever before; a sure sign of the changing times the industry is thriving upon. It’s certain that 2023’s show, due to take place in the historic marina in September, will take this trend to even headier heights.



If there was one lesson to take from the presence of some seriously impressive toys at the show, it was that the superyacht audience is more adventurous, more focused on sustainability, and more keen to get up-close-and-personal with the wonders of sea life than ever before. Jet Skis and speedboats – once absolute mainstays of the yachter’s toy collection – have begun to take a back seat. While high-octane thrills and spills are still present and popular, there’s a greater interest in those which provide the opportunity to go beneath the waves, to sail with manta rays and whale sharks, to circumnavigate coral reefs and gaze in wonder rather than skim the surface at breakneck speed.

In this sense, the Seabreacher X (arguably the coolest-looking superyacht toy to ever grace the sea) from a few years back was a genuine game-changer. This was the crossover moment; a submersible vessel, decked out to look like a shark and capable of diving beneath and dramatically above the waves, which was no longer just for ostentatious display but also for actual exploration. While the audience for such toys has become younger, it’s arguable that their interests today – with a keen ecological enthusiasm and fascination for wildlife and unique natural encounters – have become a little more grown-up.

Well, maybe.

There’s still ample room for fun on the ocean, even if superyacht toys are being increasingly informed by a growing interest in ecology and marine life. Let’s take a look at the seven superyacht toys set to make waves at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 and throughout next year’s yachting seasons.


Lift4 Electric Foiling Board

Foilboards (or hydrofoil boards) have been a huge hit over the past year, and not just with superyachters and UHNW customers. It’s not hard to see why: they represent a whole new generation of surf-based activities, and one which doesn’t actually require the presence of waves to have some serious fun out on the big blue.



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Foil boards seem to hover above the water due to the presence of a hydrofoil which stays beneath the surface. Working with much the same principles as an aeroplane, the boards are usually propelled by carefully-angled bodyweight. With a bit of practice, they can offer impressive versatility and manoeuvrability… and they provide no shortage of fun alongside a fairly decent workout.

The Lift4 is arguably the most anticipated release in the foil board scene, and with a price tag hovering around $12,000, it’s clear this isn’t a toy for the average beach-goer. However, for those looking to get involved with the latest craze in yacht toys and water sports, it’s a tempting item indeed; boasting advanced features designed to make foilboarding easier and more comfortable even for beginners, it comes with a 2.5 hour power reserve, an impressive modular propulsion unit and a pair of carbon-fibre masts. As if that wasn’t enough, this top-of-the-range foilboard also comes with a handheld controller with a colour screen, a GPS to track distance and speed, and fully-customisable ramps for those looking to match their board with their wetsuit.


Starboard iQFoil

The announcement of windsurfing as an event in the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games resurrected a water sport that many had thought of as going the way of the dinosaur. Windsurfing, it seems, is back with a vengeance, and HNW audiences can’t get enough of catching the breeze and picking up speed on the waves.



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Starboard – an already huge name in the high-end surfing world – struck gold with the invention of the iQFoil. It takes the aforementioned foilboard craze to wholly new heights, attaching a carbon fibre foil onto a beautifully-crafted board and allowing riders to hit a pace of 35 knots in a healthy wind. It’s incredibly manoeuvrable; the carbon-reflex tech that runs through the windsurfing board allows rivers to garner full control of their movements, and it’s no surprise that the iQFoil has now been announced as the official board of the next two Olympics.

Naturally, this is a luxury item for serious competitive sportspeople and those with money to burn. As such, it’s predicted to be a hugely popular addition to superyacht trips and charters in 2024, and with a price tag of $10,299, it’s quite possibly the best of its class on the sea.


U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible

As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s a fascinating sign of the times that fully-functioning submersibles – driven by exploratory science and inspired directly by vessels used by marine biologists and nature filmmakers – are more popular than ever before. Today’s superyacht owners don’t want to just spend time on the waves; they want to explore beneath them, getting to know what wonders hide in the depths.



There has been a significant boom in the sale and production of submersibles, with many on the market being little more than tribute acts to the real thing. The Nemo submersible, however, is about as close to an authentic explorer’s submarine as can be, while still being firmly within the luxury sector as a comfortable, safe and experiential opportunity to have some real fun out on the open sea.

Designed for transport on yachts sitting in the 100-foot-and-above bracket, the Nemo submersible has proven to be compact enough to fit on a decent SUV trailer, making it popular with HNW individuals looking to charter vessels on ocean safari trips. With single and double-seated configurations ($588,000 and $637,000), both iterations of this beautiful submersible have the ability to reach impressive depths of almost 350 feet. Eight hours of battery propulsion mean deep sea excursions can last longer than any other commercial submersible, opening the doors of possibility for yachting adventures unlike any that have come before.


Jet Shark

We mentioned earlier that the Seabreacher X was the evolution of the superyacht toy for the 21st century. Well, the Jet Shark is the evolution of the Seabreacher X – a veritable leap forward created by the same producers, and taking underwater adventures and high-octane wave-riding to entirely new heights of sophistication, fun and jaw-dropping power.



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The Jet Shark looks and performs exactly as one might expect from the name: it’s part shark, part fighter jet. Powered by a Corvette V8 engine (yes, really), it comes complete with gull wings, a jet fighter cockpit and the Seabreacher’s trademark ability to leap out of the water in an impressive display of propulsion. While many will doubtlessly use the Jet Shark for zipping around lagoons at eye-watering pace, the submersible is fully capable of providing moments of contemplation and tranquillity beneath the waves, exploring wildlife and no shortage of natural beauty. However, cranking up the engine to see exactly how fast and agile the vessel can be is surely more than any adventurous spirit can resist.

Currently available for pre-order at prices around the $300,000 mark, the Jet Shark is still in its testing phase. It’s guaranteed to elicit no shortage of appreciative gasps at Monaco this year, and we have no doubt it’s set to be the most talked-about superyacht toy of 2024.


Seabob F5 SR

Seabobs made an enormous splash – both figuratively and literally – when they burst onto the yacht toy scene a couple of decades ago. It’s easy to understand why; they’re easy to use, fantastic for both playing in the water and taking a more serious look below the waves, and brilliantly convenient and transportable. The F5 SR – a soon-to-be-launched update on the series – is the most powerful release yet, and is predicted to bring a whole new generation of enthusiasts on board.



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While these predictions could be down to the seven power settings (offering everything from a gentle swim to a high-octane ride across the bay), the beautiful chrome finish or the cleverly-designed twin rear fins that liberate the rider to undertake dramatic twists and turns… It’s more likely due to the fact that this version of the Seabob comes with a hi-def camera system as standard.

Riders can make full use of the cameras on the bow and the front display panel (already being referred to as a ‘selfie cam’ for clips, shorts and TikTok reaction videos on the water), meaning this Seabob is resonating with Gen Z audiences like never before.


Awake RÄVIK S 22

Electric surfboards have been around for a couple of years now, and they’ve been perennially popular with the superyacht crowd for patently obvious reasons. The RÄVIK S 22, however, succeeded in something that many which came before couldn’t achieve: they made the electric surfboard beautiful.



It’s a stunningly sleek design, and one which befits the incredible agility of the mechanics going on under the surface. Allowing riders to twist, turn, jump, catch waves and whoosh their way back to shore, the surfboard offers an impressive 0.2 second response time between controller and the board itself. This means more control, more confidence, and more intuitive riding experience all round.

With three ride settings (eco, sport and extreme), there’s the potential for up to 20 mins of ride time. The top speed? An astonishing 36 miles per hour, which we’ve no doubt feels like a near approximation of light speed when cutting through the waves.


Reverso Air

There’s something hugely satisfying about finishing this list with a sailboat. No mind-boggling electronics. No on-trend new concepts. No water-powered jetpacks. Just a beautifully made lightweight sailboat, allowing adventurous souls the opportunity to command the wind and waves in the way humans have done since time immemorial.



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Make no mistake, the Reverso Air may be elemental, but it’s far from simple. This spectacular ultra-lightweight and brilliantly portable sailboat makes no compromises when it comes to speed, performance or stunning design credentials. Crafted for rapid set-up and clearly inspired by vessels used in kiteboarding, this fully-functioning sailboard can easily fit on the deck of a yacht and can be assembled in under two minutes.

With four hull sections – each floating independently – and an air-filled bottom box, it’s created for maximum efficiency. The carbon rig offers astonishing agility and steering precision, and even newcomers to traditional sail surfing will be able to get the vessel up to 16 knots without the need for a strong wind. Guaranteed to catch the eye of the intrepid new generation of eco-conscious yacht enthusiasts, it’s a truly breathtaking addition to any water toy collection.

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