Discover the Most Exclusive Island Getaways on Earth

When it comes to the utmost in luxury travel, nothing compares to the privacy, opulence and sheer essence of escapism of a remote island getaway.

With lives often dominated by media interest, the hustle and bustle of high-powered and fast-moving business and the intensity of big city living, it’s no wonder the UHNW individuals of the world crave getting away from it all. An island getaway, situated in some far-flung corner of an azure ocean, provides an irresistible break from normality and a chance to luxuriate in truly phenomenal natural surroundings.

Of course, the world’s most exclusive and expensive island retreats don’t exactly provide a bonafide Robinson Crusoe-esque castaway experience, although there’s little doubt such things could be arranged, should the clientele truly desire it. Many of the luxury island escapes – including those on this list – feature the optimal balance of remote tropical living, peace and solitude, and all the trappings and extravagances such lifestyles afford. Michelin starred restaurants, access to private planes and superyacht marinas, idyllic spas and much, much more form much of the appeal of such locations, meaning those lucky enough – and wealthy enough – to spend their time on these islands can truly make the most of a well-earned break.

Let’s take a closer look at ten exclusive island getaways which have gained legendary status on the back of their A-list clientele, ability to provide the absolute in discretion and privacy, and retreats quite unlike any other on Earth.


Laucala Island, Fiji

Photo courtesy of Fiji Vacations


Photo courtesy of Fiji Vacations


It should come as no real surprise that our countdown kicks off with an island in Fiji, a corner of the world long since synonymous with luxurious tropical escapes. Indeed, this nation boasts over 300 beautiful islands, many of which could quite easily find their way onto this list as a result of their astonishing natural beauty, renowned hospitality and paradisiacal climate and sugary beaches.

Laucala, however, sits in a league of its own. Drawing in UHNW individuals from across the globe, this island retreat offers the chance to immerse oneself in pristine virgin rainforest, relax on seemingly endless stretches of sand and enjoy the gentle blue waters as they lap on the shore, teeming with astonishing marine life. A world-class golf course is a clear attraction for those seeking to work on their swing, and the beautiful hilltop residences – priced at around $170,000 per night for an all-inclusive luxury break – match in luxury the unrivalled beauty of the island.

Laucala Island, as a luxurious and discreet destination for the world’s ultra-elites, is the brainchild of Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of the Red Bull brand. His vision was to create an opulent location for his HNW peers to enjoy, and it’s a vision that has been completed with remarkable panache. Exclusively accessible by private yacht or seaplane, Laucala sets the standard for elegant and perfectly-situated island retreats the world over.

SonevaJani, The Maldives

video courtesy of Soneva Jani resort.

Much like Fiji, The Maldives has built its international reputation on its credentials as a luxurious tropical getaway, offering year-round sunshine, gentle crystal waters and the kind of elegant simplicity that deeply appeals to those seeking escapism.
To step out onto the beaches of SonevaJani – the most exclusive resort found anywhere in The Maldives – is to luxuriate in panoramic views of the beautiful Indian Ocean, and to viscerally understand the irresistible pull of this island paradise. With just 24 luxury villas available on the resort, exclusivity really is at the heart of its MO; something further exemplified by access to a 3.5 mile private lagoon, where visitors can get up-close-and-personal with a variety of marine fauna or simply allow their cares to be washed away by the waves.

Proximity to natural beauty provides much of SonevaJani’s business. The resort, while being undeniably luxurious, celebrates the simplicity of contact with the beach, the ocean and the clear skies above. Indeed, the villas (priced at around $20,000 per night) are suspended on stilts above the gently lapping waves, and feature master bedrooms with retractable roofs, allowing guests to experience sleeping beneath the stars. With incredible restaurants, a wealth of watersports activities and nature safaris on offer during the day, it’s not difficult to see why SonevaJani is a hugely popular choice with HNW individuals seeking to get away from it all.

The Brando, French Polynesia

Situated on the breathtakingly beautiful exclusive island of Tetiaroa, The Brando is right up there with the most awe-inspiring luxury island resorts found anywhere on Earth. As the name suggests, this resort is where legendary actor Marlon Brando finally slowed his pace of life, settled down, and reportedly spent many blissful years taking in the flawless surroundings… and as such, it’s become a firm favourite with A-listers looking to emulate a bonafide hero of the golden age of cinema.

Nestled in an atoll composed of 12 tiny islands surrounding a glimmering lagoon, The Brando is accessible only by 20-minute seaplane flight from Tahiti. Once landed, visitors will uncover 35 beautiful villas, idyllic white sand beaches, a pair of award-winning restaurants showcasing the best of Polynesian and French cuisine, and a spa which is whispered to be among the finest in the world. It’s a genuine natural haven, and the kind of place where UHNW individuals can well and truly turn their back on the wider world, luxuriating in the utmost when it comes to beauty, relaxation, privacy and hospitality.


Calivigny Island, Grenada

While there’s plenty to be said for the stripped-back relative simplicity and nature-driven living of many luxurious island retreats, there’s also plenty of opulent escapes which simply don’t subscribe to the ‘less is more’ ideology, opting instead for a more old-school notion of glamour. Calivigny Island, situated at the meeting point of the awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean and the gentle tropics of the Caribbean Sea, would most certainly sit in the latter camp, and has become a firm favourite for HNW individuals looking to party far from prying eyes.

This island has garnered a powerful reputation amongst the global elite for an altogether more opulent approach to partying, luxury living and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with groups of friends and family. That primarily comes down to the fact that the island boasts little more when it comes to luxury accommodation but two beautiful and historic colonial French mansions, allowing guests to live out their imperial fantasies in truly spectacular surroundings.

With a dedicated staff of heavily-lauded chefs, relaxation therapists, local guides and wildlife experts, and yachting crews on hand to fulfil every wish and desire, Calivigny Island gives its ultra-rich guests the chance to make the island their own during their stay. It’s especially popular with those visiting by superyacht or chartering their own vessel, as the marina is renowned for its quality and beauty, and the location of the island unveils many of the Caribbean’s most coveted ‘hidden gem’ destinations.

Time + Tide Miavana, Madagascar

For those seeking unforgettable encounters with nature while also enjoying the finest luxury accommodation, Time + Tide Miavana is a difficult one to beat. Located on a beautiful island just off the coast of Madagascar, it’s hard to imagine a more far-flung destination to enjoy some much needed privacy and relaxation. Indeed, this island resort is renowned for hosting ultra-rich visitors looking to make the most of some valued downtime in style.

Fringed by spectacular white sand beaches and a vast coral reef, the resort on the island of Miavana is popular with those seeking to tick several unique natural interactions off their bucket lists. A short boat trip allows intrepid visitors to explore the Madagascar rainforest – renowned for its lemurs, chameleons and incredibly biodiversity – before heading back to the island for sumptuous local cuisine demonstrating the talent of the chefs, and the truly awe-inspiring natural ingredients they have to work with.

Fourteen decadent bespoke pool villas are dotted along the beach, allowing guests to step directly onto the sands from the comfort of their private decks, where panoramic Indian Ocean sunsets fill the skies each night. Bliss!

Como Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

If your finger has been on the pulse of luxury vacation trends over the past few years, the chances are you’ve already stumbled across the beautiful island retreat of Como Parrot Cay. A quintessentially opulent private island, Como Parrot Cay has positioned itself as the destination par excellence for celebrities, A-listers and HNW individuals seeking a holistic escape, typified by therapeutic retreats and yoga. The island is also favoured by gastronauts seeking fine cuisine with a particularly health-oriented angle, as well as those looking to immerse themselves in incredible natural surroundings or enjoy the remarkable diving opportunities offered.

Beautiful, elegant and timelessly appealing, the resort benefits from Spanish-themed architecture and a picture-perfect 1.5 mile white sand beach – ideal for the utmost in relaxation and privacy. With the warm waters of the Caribbean lapping the coastline, dark skies perfect for dreamy nights beneath the stars and a dedicated hospitality team accustomed to serving the world’s elites, it’s no wonder Como Parrot Cay has become associated with a thoroughly 21st century iteration of luxury living.

Necker Island, British Virgin Island

Perhaps the most famous of all the luxury Caribbean exclusive islands, Necker Island is the private home of Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the ever-expanding Virgin empire. Quintessentially exclusive, the island is usually only open to invited guests, whom Branson himself entertains and guides through his collection of beautiful villas and pristine Caribbean beaches.

At the heart of Necker Island sits The Great House, a grandiose nine-bedroom home built to meet the needs and desires of its HNW guests. There are six other Bali-inspired villas on the 74-acre island, and the getaway’s 100-strong staff are forever on hand to provide drinks, spa treatments and the full gamut of luxury services. When the island is open to non-invited guests, rates per night hover around the $50,000 mark. Visiting Necker Island is a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars and business moguls alike, partying on the beach in its renowned relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the incredible setting amid stunning natural beauty.

Amanpulo, Philippines


Amanpulo is one of the flagship island resorts managed by the Aman Group, known as the most luxurious hospitality brand on Earth. As such, this resort is one which takes its level of exclusivity and escapism seriously; it’s the only property on the island, and one which makes remarkable use of the unique space, setting, and opportunity to push the envelope when it comes to decadence, opulence and exquisite tropical hospitality.

A collection of 40 spacious and beautifully designed casitas and villas give way to 3.5 miles of coral sands, which in turn encircles a dense jungle in the centre. Amanpulo is a place to truly lose oneself – the private beaches allow for world-class snorkelling and scuba diving, there are guided island tours to discover turtle hatcheries, a renowned Aman spa, and plenty of opportunities to explore the phenomenal reef and its incredible marine biodiversity.

All of this, coupled with the peerless reputation for luxury living that sits at the heart of the Aman brand, makes Amanpulo quite rightly among the most desirable exclusive island getaways found anywhere in the world today.


Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a bucket-list destination for keen travellers the world over, and the endangered status of this precious region of astonishing natural beauty has elevated the desire for many to spend time amid its wonders. Hayman Island is one of relatively few Australian ultra-luxury exclusive resorts, and it isn’t difficult to understand its remarkable appeal to those seeking absolute escapism in this incredible corner of the Antipodes.

The nearest island to the reef itself, Hayman Island offers its visitors a truly exclusive nature experience. Indeed, its guests enjoy world-class watersports, the chance to scuba dive with whale sharks and other incredible creatures, as well as luxuriate on pristine sun-soaked beaches. A spectacular example of contemporary and forward-thinking sustainable architecture, the resort’s design incorporates both modern flourishes with traditional and indigenous touches across its 160 suites and villas. With seven restaurants showcasing the best of Australia’s ever-impressive gastronomic and wine scene, it’s the largest resort on this list but by no means an outlier when it comes to elegant escapism, dreamlike location and quality hospitality.

North Island, Seychelles


Perhaps best known today as the location of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ honeymoon, North Island is one of the most exclusive private island resorts on Earth. Favoured by royalty, A-list celebrities and UHNW individuals looking to make the most of this stunning corner of the globe, the resort has raised the bar for luxury and become a benchmark for opulent hospitality design the world over.

Part of North Island’s appeal is its location on the edge of the Ile Du Nord eco-reserve, where it harmoniously exists alongside a truly incredible natural habitat. White sand beaches and turquoise waters are de rigueur in the Seychelles, but at North Island they are flawlessly incorporated into the indoor-outdoor living that forms the beating heart of the resort itself.

Eleven opulent and meticulously-designed villas, each raised from the ground to catch the Indian Ocean breeze, allow for absolute relaxation and escapism. Most spectacular of all its many impressive features are the lounge, dining areas, pools and spa. All of these – and more besides – are built into an imposing granite outcrop, allowing guests to feel immersed in the very landscape of the island while enjoying its remarkable facilities.

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