Luxury at Altitude: The Most Anticipated Private Jets of 2023 and Beyond

The freedom to travel, to see the world as your figurative oyster, and to seek out far-flung tropical paradises and the dizzying realms of international business remain the clearest indicators of success in 2023. As such, private jets and unfettered air travel have a special place in the hearts and minds of those who make luxury central to their lifestyle. 


From the peerless status symbol of the Learjets of the 80s and 90s to the future-forward flying machines of the 21st century, private aviation is among the most dynamic and thrilling industries there is across all aspects of transportation. Ever changing, ever evolving and consistently unveiling awe-inspiring technological advances and paradigm-shifting concepts, it’s a realm which keeps luxury trendspotters forever on their toes. 


The past few years have been particularly exciting for the private jet scene. With technological hubs shifting from their traditional heartlands in countries like the UK, Italy and Switzerland to innovation centers in (where else?) The United Arab Emirates, Japan and China, there has been a reinvigorated energy present in jet manufacturing this decade like never before. 


From spectacular and opulent interiors to new speed records being tested and broken, new destinations drawing the UHNW travelers of the world and new brands making waves on the scene, it’s a fascinating time for the uppermost echelons of aeronautics. 

New Horizons for Opulent Air Travel


Before we take a closer look at the private jets redefining the industry in 2023 and beyond, it’s worth delving into some of the most exciting new aspects of luxury air travel as a whole. Many of the fundamentals of aeronautics have shifted considerably across the past decade, with the way jets are being built and their incredible capabilities reflecting consumer demands for faster, more comfortable and more efficient private flights.


It was only a matter of time before supersonic commercial and private planes arose once more. After the unfortunate demise of Concorde (following a catastrophic and deadly crash in Paris 23 years ago), supersonic passenger planes almost entirely faded from view. However, contemporary technology and no shortage of brilliant minds have brought this most opulent of transportation options back from the brink, with grandiose plans to see private jets once again breaking the sound barrier and crossing oceans in record time. 


The supersonic aviation race is well and truly upon us in 2023, with numerous major brands – both well-established and blazingly new – competing to lead this pioneering field. The Stargazer, built by the shoot-for-the-moon engineers at Venus Aerospace is boldly claiming to launch a supersonic passenger plane capable of reaching Mach 9 (nine times the speed of sound, or approximately 7,000 mph) in the very near future. By opening up short haul flights from New York to Tokyo and completing the journey in just one hour, these speeds would radically transform business travel on a global scale. 


Sir Richard Branson, ever the eager pioneer of aeronautics, this year announced the construction of the Virgin Galactic business jet. Predicting flight times between New York and London in just 90 minutes, it’s yet another potential game-changer on the scene. Spike Aerospace, Boom Supersonic and Lockheed Martin are other names working tirelessly to resurrect supersonic travel, and with such healthy competition forging the heart of this scene, it’s almost inevitable that many of their plans and aspirations will come to some form of fruition in the very near future. 


The primary (and most exciting) gamechanger behind this new generation of supersonic passenger jets has been the embracing and exploration of suborbital space flight. Driven by a host of new innovations far too complex to delve into here, these flights will attain elevations of over 260,000 feet, exiting the Earth’s atmosphere and using this advantage to achieve extremely rapid point-to-point travel. 


There’s still a fair amount of work to do before suborbital supersonic flight becomes commercially viable. However, there’s a clear appetite for the industry among UNHW individuals, and it isn’t difficult to see how flying between London and Sydney in two hours will, almost inevitably, transform luxury travel forever. 


The Seven Private Jets To Watch in 2023


2023 is already proving to be a vintage year for the private jet world, with a host of new arrivals on the scene demonstrating that the industry is in fantastic health. Let’s take a look at the seven models on every elite traveler’s wish list for this year and beyond. 


Airbus ACJ220 

While achieving blistering speeds and heightened efficiency of travel is very much in Airbus’ MO, there’s more than enough emphasis in 2023 on comfort, size and luxury to call for a jet of the ACJ220’s impressive proportions. 


Photo by: PATRICK DESROCHERS, courtesy of Airbus. ©Airbus SAS 2020


With space for up to 135 passengers, the ACJ220 is arguably more akin to a flying penthouse apartment than a jet. Spacious, beautiful and boasting six large-sized VIP areas (designed for up to 19 passengers), a master bedroom with en-suite bedroom and shower, a conference room with a 55-inch monitor and a fully-equipped kitchen, it’s a plane of truly presidential proportions. 


Priced at $82 million, this latest launch from Airbus is a savvy private reimagining of their A220 commercial plane and offers a flight range of 12 hours or 5,650 miles. As such, it could comfortably cover travel between Hong Kong and Hawaii, offering the utmost in comfort along the way. 


Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream is arguably among the most iconic names in the private jet industry, and not without good reason – the brand has launched some of the most instantly recognisable and enviable jets of the past couple of decades, consistently driving the industry onwards and upwards in spectacular style. 


Editorial credit: Georgiphoto /


The Gulfstream G700 will enter service in late 2023, and it’s a flagship model that offers a host of bonafide breakthroughs for the private jet scene as a whole. A trailblazer for a new generation of business jets, it’s set to break records for speed, range and interior options for a plane of its size; a top speed just shy of the sound barrier (0.925 maximum Mach speed), a 7,500 nautical mile range and five spacious living spaces including a master bedroom are just the beginning. 


This is a private jet intelligently built for high-powered business travelers seeking to maximize on comfort and efficiency. With 20 oversized windows to increase natural light within the cabin and an innovative circadian lighting system, Gulfstream is aiming to offer global travel with minimal jetlag. This, coupled with newly designed ergonomic seating, custom-made fabrics and next-gen entertainment systems guarantee that flying in the G700 will be a rarefied pleasure quite unlike anything else in the skies this year. 


Bombardier Global 8000

 Directly competing with Gulfstream for a new high point in international business travel, the Global 8000 is the forthcoming launch from industry stalwart Bombardier. Priced at $78 million, the Global 8000 has run test flights at a top speed of 0.94 Mach – again, achingly close to supersonic travel – and is establishing links between global business hubs and luxury travel destinations including London and Perth, Singapore and Los Angeles, and Dubai and Houston. 


Photo courtesy of


As is seemingly becoming standard in the world of top-of-the-range private jets, the Global 8000 is optimally designed to host 19 passengers and places a clear emphasis on comfortable and ergonomically-enhanced travel. Indeed, there has been much fanfare from Bombardier HQ regarding the innovation of its ‘zero-gravity seating position’, designed to make passengers feel a sense of weightlessness, in order to remove any danger of lower back pressure and to heighten the overall opulence of the experience. 


Photo courtesy of


Those lucky enough to spend time in the cockpit will be able to enjoy the beautiful Vision Flight Deck, featuring four huge avionics screens, the latest generation of monitoring and display systems, and navigation technology which aims to make business flying more efficient than ever before. 


Dassault Falcon 10X

If it’s the range you’re looking for, the much-anticipated Dassault Falcon has you covered. Representing a new generation of ultra long range jets, the Falcon 10X – set for launch in 2025 – promises to be the largest business jet the feted brand has ever released, as well as the biggest purpose-made business jet available on the market. Aiming to attract a global elite of globe-crossing business and luxury travel customers, the 10X is offering a flight range of 7,500 miles, which will take passengers comfortably between Los Angeles and Sydney without any need for a stopover. 


Falcon 10X
Photo courtesy of


The smashing of previously held records doesn’t stop there, either. Thanks to an enormously mutually-beneficial collaboration with aeronautics frontrunners Rolls Royce, the Falcon 10X features Rolls Royce Pearl 10X high-thrust engines; a set of completely unique and custom-built engines which are among the largest and most powerful the manufacturers have ever produced. 


Falcon 10X Cabin
Photo courtesy of


As for comfort, Dassault prides itself on being a company which never fails to go above and beyond when it comes to luxury and style. The jet has customisable interior configuration, and the cabin can be arranged to feature four spacious lounges and a master bedroom (featuring a private bathroom and the largest shower in the Dassault fleet). Beautiful and copious natural light will pour into the plane through 38 windows, allowing for panoramic views as the world passes by below. 


Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa has built a powerful international reputation as an aerospace company par excellence, elevating passenger flights with a uniquely teutonic approach to efficiency and meticulous design. Their recent partnership with Brabus (German automobile mavens responsible for many next-gen Mercedes-Benz and Porsche releases) has led to a new chapter in the Lufthansa legend: the creation of beautiful high-concept private jet travel exceeding even the loftiest luxury expectations. 


Photo by DAIMLER/LUFTHANSA TECHNIK AG. Courtesy of Lufthansa Technik AG.


Lufthansa Technik is a customized Adventure Lounge concept, transforming private jets into something more akin to a flying 5-star hotel. The concept was a thrilling one from the very beginning: to bring the superyacht experience to aeronautics and private aviation, with planes doubling as both elite homes and adventure vessels. 


With a spacious and gloriously designed Adventure Lounge replacing the plane’s baggage storage space (separated from the main deck by a glass ceiling, no less), it’s a vast leisure space that lives up to the concept in flawless style. The latest model also boasted a motorcycle space, meaning owners can roll out of the plane on two wheels and unleash their destination’s potential. Fantastic!


Hondajet 2600 

Those with their fingers on the pulse of the private aviation scene will know that Honda – Japan’s leading automobile manufacturer – is currently shaking up the private jet scene like no other brand. The VLJ Hondajet HA-420, which was launched a few short years ago, transformed the light jet industry almost overnight. The 2600 is set to do the same for mid-size private jets, boasting the ability to cruise along transcontinental flight routes and offer a luxury experience for a (relatively) lower price than many other vessels on the market. 


HondaJet 2600 Concept Image. Photo courtesy of


The 2600 features cabin space for eight passengers, each provided with comfortable fully reclining seats that can be converted into beds. It may be relatively compact for a mid-sized jet, but there’s little doubt that for those travelling from New York to Los Angeles or across Europe and Asia, it’s guaranteed to be enormously popular.


Beechcraft Denali

While the luxury private jet industry is one primarily focused on maximalism, ostentatious glamor and all-out luxury, the nature of the luxury industries has shifted in recent years. A new generation of UHNW individuals is rising, and they’re valuing the spontaneous, the adventurous, the convenient and the discreet above the more traditional ‘all-out’ opulence of yesteryear.


Beechcraft Denali DJVJ0054. Photo courtesy of


As such, it’s no real surprise that the launch of the Beechcraft Denali has resonated with a younger up-and-coming crowd of global elite customers. While not technically a jet plane, the Denali has more than in its power and potential to be directly compared to many of the vessels on this list. Lighter, more compact than many, the Denali nonetheless offers space for up to 11 intrepid passengers and features a largest-in-class interior for trips across the states or further afield. 


Denali Interior Cabin. Photo courtesy of


Capable of covering 1600 miles at 328 mph, its appeal is in its eco-conscious design and convenience… and we can just imagine heading off in this plane with a group of friends – enjoying the oversized windows and executive seating – for an unforgettable trip away from the madding crowds. 


Live Life Without Limits

Luxury living is always about aiming higher. It’s a philosophy that removes the barriers to freedom and pleasure, and which insists on following one’s inspiration and enjoying the world in all its glory. From private aviation to the world of superyachting, entertainment, fine dining, tropical retreats and buzzing cultural capitals, to live in luxury is about settling for nothing but the best in all that you do.

At Aurae Lifestyle, we believe in showcasing the finest that the world has to offer. Discover Aurae Lifestyle today and unleash the potential of life lived luxuriously.

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