The 10 Most Eagerly-Awaited Supercar Releases of 2023 and Beyond

Bold new leaps in innovation, a whole new generation of technology, blistering acceleration and industry-defying top speeds… the world of high-end supercars, hypercars and all-round luxury vehicles just keeps turning.

Every year brings forth new concepts from the greatest car manufacturers on the globe, and pushes the limits of possibility while exceeding even the wildest imaginations of those fortunate enough to be able to afford them. It’s an industry which thrives on breaking records and reinventing the wheel, and – by all accounts – 2023 is set to unveil some of the most awe-inspiring vehicles the world has ever seen.

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We’re in the midst of a truly exciting time for the supercar scene. The electric revolution is well underway, and the ascendency of the electric supercar has dynamised the industry’s most imaginative designers, giving them a carte blanche to head back to the drawing board and dream up some seriously remarkable creations. The past twelve months has seen incredible progress in the performance, endurance and overall design credentials in the electric supercar scene (the new Pininfarina Battista immediately springs to mind, with its 350 km/h top speed and sleekest of forms), and the notion that this is merely the beginning of a dramatic sea change in the world of luxury cars is a deeply exciting one.

It’s not all about electric, however. Despite petrol-free automobiles dominating much of the news this year, there’s still ample space in the supercar industry for machines issuing their iconic guttural growl… and 2023 and beyond promises some spectacularly beautiful releases on the horizon.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most highly-anticipated supercar launches of the next year, and begin compiling our wishlists, making space in the garage and sensing the tingling, design-led excitement that lies in the months ahead.

Rolls Royce Spectre

Vide0 Courtesy of: Top Gear

When it comes to luxury cars which put opulence, decadence and a timeless level of comfort and class first, few – if any – brands can compete with Rolls Royce. Both very much of the establishment while continually pushing at its limits, both informed by past glories and looking boldly to the future, every new Rolls Royce release is an eagerly anticipated one. Indeed, it’s the kind of car brand that, for individuals of a certain status and class, represents a truly must-have quality… and the forthcoming Spectre is set to feature in some of the world’s most enviable collections.

Why? Because the new Spectre is the first electric car in the Rolls Royce coupe range, representing nothing less than a new ‘third pillar’ of the esteemed British brand. The Cullinan SUV and Phantom paved the way with forays into the world of the electric vehicle, and the Spectre is set to establish a paradigm for the manufacturer to follow into a brave new future.

The luxury EV has spent much of 2022 being subject to some seriously extreme test conditions – recent photos show a (heavily camouflaged) Spectre battling through -40C temperatures at a Swedish arctic test site, and it’s now just finished being honed for public use.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Video courtesy of: Ferrari

Ferrari will never, ever make an SUV – that was the official line from arguably the most iconic and renowned Italian supercar brand for decades. How things have changed. The first-ever Ferrari SUV is (as you’d expect, given their long-running hardline stance against such models) quite a big deal, and it’s fair to say that the Ferrari Purosangue barely qualifies as an SUV in the first place. As sleek and low as an SUV can possibly be, it’s as unusual as it is groundbreaking, offering long-distance luxury in peerless Italian comfort and style.

The Ferrari Purosangue offers a normally-aspirated V-12 engine (rumours abound regarding a V-6 hybrid version on the horizon), providing speed and a satisfying reminder of the brand’s signature boom. With a starting price of $300,000 the SUV is very much at the top end of the luxury car market, although collectors will doubtlessly see this release as a potential turning point in the history of the brand, and one well worth the investment.

Maserati GranTurismo

Video Courtesy of: Jay Leno’s Garage

No list of the most anticipated supercars would be complete without at least one Maserati model – the House of the Trident has proven, not least over the past couple of years, to be one of the most exhilaratingly innovative brands in the world today, changing with the times while remaining utterly true to the values on which it built its name.

The 2023 Maserati GranTurismo marks a bold new chapter in a story that’s now 75 years old – the launch of the Maserati A6 1500 was a mid-century pioneer in performative automobile production, and the forthcoming 2023 model is set to have every bit as much impact. Maserati has combined the high performance of a contemporary sports model with the kind of luxury and comfort that’s built for distance driving… and not only in their combustion-engine design, but also in their 100% electric iteration of the GranTurismo, the first Maserati with an electric powertrain.

Both are as sleek and sensual as you might expect from a brand new sports car of this pedigree, and best-in-class mechanics meet an exceptional purity of form and finesse. With every component designed and produced in Italy, the Maserati GranTurismo is poised and ready to be a brand new favourite with UHNW individuals, for whom second-best is never a viable option.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Video Courtesy of: Top Gear

Topping the ultimate wishlists of supercar lovers worldwide, the Aston Martin Vanquish is a work of exceptional beauty and finesse – an aesthetic and technical triumph that speaks volumes of the pristine standards set by this most iconic of British brands.

Vanquish is by no means a new name in the history of Aston Martin, but the 2023 iteration of this legendary line is set to rip up the rulebook and establish a brand new paradigm to fall head over heels in love with. A mid-engine supercar explicitly designed to rival the Ferrari F8 Tributo and McLaren 720S, it’s a low-slung futurist vision of a classic past, packing a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V-6 engine with a blistering 700 horsepower.

Latest reports from Aston Martin claim that – despite the swirling rumours surrounding this spectacular release – the Vanquish will start production in earnest in mid 2023, with launch set for early 2024.

Koenigsegg Gemera

Video Courtesy of: Supercar Blondie

For those in the know, Koenigsegg – while not the most internationally renowned household name in the world of hypercars – is the brand to watch. The original Gemera was unveiled back in 2020 at the Geneva motor show to riotous applause, and the Swedish luxury car brand has spent the past couple of years expanding upon that original vision to produce something truly impressive.

Dubbed the ‘Tiny Friendly Giant’, the new iteration of the Gemera will be a four-seater model (reflecting a growing trend for more ‘family-friendly’ supercars, if such a thing can be imagined) with the brand’s now-iconic dihedral doors and ‘Mega-GT’ inspirations. Refined, sensual yet practical, the Koenigsegg signature of straight lines and no-nonsense opulence results in a supercar which points to a truly exciting future.

The stats are as impressive as can be: powered by a high-capacity electrified powertrain offering 0 – 62 mph in under two seconds, the new Gemera has a top speed of 250mph while providing ample luxury in its ultra-comfortable cabin. What’s not to love?

Aspark Owl

Video Courtesy of: Lovecars

Those with their finger on the pulse of concept supercars in recent years will be more than familiar with the Aspark releases – they’ve been some of the most thrilling realisations of a contemporary supercar so far this century, typifying an almost teenage-dream image of how a hypercar can and should look, feel and perform. The Owl is a bonafide mean machine impossibly low to the ground, built with incredible curves and boasting some seriously impressive credentials.

The 21st century Osaka supercar brand hit the headlines this year with information about the forthcoming Owl, which promises to be the world’s fastest electric vehicle. The winning pairing of a super lightweight and aerodynamic body (which looks, let’s be honest, absolutely incredible) and a 600 horsepower electric engine results in a 0-60 acceleration of 1.69 seconds. This record-breaking speed, and the fact that it’s produced by an electric engine, is rapidly sending ripples across the globe. A new dawn of possibility has arisen, and it’s come in the form of an Aspark Owl.

Devel Sixteen

Video Courtesy of: Supercar Blondie

The streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are awash with some of the most glamorous, luxurious and performative hypercars in the world – it’s only natural that the UAE would begin production of a homegrown model sooner or later. Well, when it comes to the Devel Sixteen, it’s definitely been a case of ‘later’ rather than ‘sooner’. This almost-ridiculous-looking supercar has, over the past decade, slipped into almost mythic will-they-won’t-they status, with production being delayed numerous times and new concepts demanding serious re-thinks to ensure it lives up to the hype.

There’s no denying the Emirati supercar is a beautiful beast – oversized wheel arches, insanely low chassis, monstrous rear fascia and a neat monochrome colour palette make it as distinctive as it is futuristic.

With its sixteen (yes, sixteen) cylinder engine and 2000 bhp, it has already made the bold claim of being the fastest car in the world. Will it ever truly progress beyond concept status and be available on the open market? Time will tell. One thing is for sure, however: if it’s going to hit the streets anywhere on Earth, the United Arab Emirates is where it’s going to look most at home.

Zenvo V12 Hybrid

Video Courtesy of: Top Gear

Zenvo Automotive recently issued a press release stating the launch of their completely new, 100% clean-sheet V12 hypercar next year – a hybrid model that utilises pioneering technology to unleash 1,800 bhp.

Kept tightly under wraps until very recently, the as-yet-unnamed hybrid will make its public debut in 2023, and only relatively few details have been made available. We know, for example, that the new Zenvo will feature a never-before-seen modular chassis, a modular V12 engine and an all-electric drivetrain, with every component built in-house to an innovative set of specifications.

It has been announced that this new project is due to be launched in two separate versions. The first will be a GT-style hybrid, possibly featuring an electric front axle motor (do we detect the possibility of a four-wheel-drive hypercar?), and the second being a track-focused yet road-legal supercar, offering a downforce that promises incredible performance specs.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Video Courtesy of: Chevorlet

We’ll kick things off with a new supercar preparing for launch across the Atlantic: the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. This particular manufacturer has always spoken to those who dream of the US’s wide open spaces, the sense of high-octane liberty that few other countries can provide in such ample quantities. The Z06 is arguably the iconic brand’s most successful realisation of that widescreen dream to date.

The Z06 is a mid-engine Corvette that follows hot on the heels of the 2020 Stingray – already a cult favourite amid certain circles. While the Stingray emphasised the muscle, the Z06 is all about precision. A striking appearance, an incredible roar and a decidedly more tactile feel and focus comes to the fore, and the Z06’s wider and more sculpted front and rear fascia – defining New World confidence and accentuating those exotic proportions – promise a truly exhilarating supercar experience.

For those with half an eye on the racing scene, the Z06 is clearly reminiscent of some of Corvette Racing’s finest moments. Indeed, the Z06 chassis is almost identical to the C8.R Corvette Racing model, and the engine architecture is barely any different, either. As such, for those with access to seemingly endless open roads (or those who love the idea of owning an updated and sleek slice of future-forward Americana), the Z06 is right up there with the hottest picks of 2023.

2023 Ford Mustang Series

Video Courtesy of: NFS MOTOR SPORT

The Ford Mustang is about as legendary as a supercar series can be, feeding adolescent daydreams and the ambitions of full-grown adults alike, as well as pushing the envelope of performative possibility both on the racetrack and open road.

Ford has followed a slightly bumpy period with a truly spectacular year, with several new releases being announced for 2022, 2023 and 2024. The 2023 Mustang – unveiled by the Blue Oval – is possibly the last ever generation of this timeless muscle car to be propelled by an internal combustion engine. Times are most definitely a-changing, and even Ford’s most petrol-centric champion range is feeling the shifting of the sands. The Dark Horse variant on the new Mustang has now been revealed, offering serious spice to a new generation of American supercars, and – incredibly – there’s still more to come.

The latest announcement from Ford’s Mustang HQ is that an all-new Ford Mustang GT is set to be launched in Australia next year, and it’s guaranteed to be a remarkable new iteration on an ongoing range imbued with serious mythos.

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