The 10 Most Exclusive Superyacht Shows 2023

When it comes to extravagance, opulence, and the peerless combination of innovation, elegance and ostentatious displays of wealth and success, few – if any – scenes in the world come close to the superyacht industry.


At the uppermost echelons of this elite sector, one can discover mind-boggling gilded interiors, technological marvels and vessels capable of traversing oceans while attaining wholly new heights of luxury. No wonder, therefore, superyacht owners, designers and shipyards feel a compulsion to celebrate and display their wondrous creations… and that’s where superyacht shows, galas and regattas come into play.


There is no shortage of superyacht shows in the world, and each year seems to bring with it a brand new marina packed to the gills with glittering examples of shipbuilding prowess. However, as is so often the case with the luxury industries, there are certain shows which sit head and shoulders above the rest, benefiting from either a centuries-old history and set of traditions, or a particularly favourable or fashionable location.


In this week’s article, we’re going to draw back the velvet curtain on the world’s greatest, most impressive and exclusive superyacht showcases, exploring what it is that makes them such a key fixture in the luxury calendar. Prepare to hoist anchor and set sail into a realm of sheer opulence!


[header image for this article is courtesy of Monaco Yacht Show]


Dubai International Boat Show

When: 1st – 5th March 2023

Where: Dubai Marina, UAE


Men wearing white traditional kufiyah head coverings walk along a dock that has been converted to a red carpet showcasing yachts on either side as part of the Dubai Boat Show. In the background the Dubai Skyline dwarfs a crowd of tourists at the docks below.


It should come as no real surprise that this countdown kicks off with the Dubai International Boat Show, the Gulf’s largest regatta and one of the world’s most rapidly-growing marine fixtures. After all, there’s nowhere on Earth where luxury matters as much – or is such a key aspect of the local brand – as Dubai, and nowhere quite as fitting for a showcase of wealth, success and elite leisure activities.


The Dubai International Boat Show exclusively displays superyachts of 25 metres and above, and visitors will uncover a stunning array of (what else?) supercars and various luxury accessories. Both local and international brands are showcased with signature ostentatious style, and it’s the perfect place in which to uncover the latest innovations and designs spearheading the future of the maritime industries.


It’s not just the displays of yachts and other luxury vehicles that draws UHNW visitors to Dubai each March, however. The city’s famed VIP hospitality services reach top gear for the annual event, with private beaches, live entertainment and legendary parties at Nikki Beach Club (and many more) highlighting why Dubai retains its crown as a luxury destination par excellence.


Palm Beach International Boat Show

When: 23rd – 26th March 2023

Where: West Palm Beach, Florida USA


An aerial shot of large white yachts gleaming in the midday sun against a dark blue sea at the port of Palm Beach. Many passers-by hustle between the sleek ships along the grey L shaped pier. As part of the Palm Beach International Boat Festival festivities, solid red beach umbrellas and matching floor mats seem to mark entrances to participating vessels. Two luxury sedans— one black, the other white— have been driven on to a floating platform and docked among the yachts.

photo by Palm Beach International Boat Show


The 2023 iteration of Florida’s principal yacht show promises all the usual bells and whistles, and as one of the USA’s key yachting events, it’s sure to be an absolute stunner of a gathering. Renowned for featuring $1.2 billion worth of prime shipbuilding, visitors to West Palm Beach this spring will be able to view hundreds of brand new and heritage vessels – perfect for buyers and enthusiasts alike.


One of the main draws of the Palm Beach International Boat Show (apart from, of course, the beautiful sun-soaked location) is the opportunity to truly get up-close-and-personal with some legendary examples of the craft. Captains and crews invite interested parties on board to tour the vessels, allowing potential charter customers or buyers the chance to learn all about various ship’s capabilities, and uncover the wonders of Florida’s enviable fleet.


Singapore Yacht Show

When: April 2023

Where: One 15 Marina, Sentosa Cove, Singapore


A fancy white yacht is docked in the turquoise waters of Singapore near some futuristic angled buildings with curving glass facades.


Hosted at One 15 Marina Sentosa Cove – arguably the most well-equipped marina in all of Asia – each April, The Singapore Yacht Show 2023 will the 13th event of its kind, and is destined to showcase why this famed luxury location continues to be a hub for the world’s most elite individuals.


Celebrating innovation, design and astonishing heights of beauty and astonishment, the Singapore Yacht Show attracts nautical lifestyle enthusiasts from across the continent and the wider world. It’s a first-class platform for professional yacht brokers to liaise and reach out to a new generation of prospective ship owners, while also uncovering and highlighting new vessels and concepts to pioneer the industry’s ever-widening horizons.


Accommodating superyachts up to 200 feet in length, The Singapore Yacht Show is renowned for being the quintessential place to witness some of the most renowned superyachts on Earth. Partnering with countless luxury restaurants, clubs, hotels and spas, any trip to this unrivalled Asian yacht show is sure to reveal no shortage of wonders.


MYBA Charter Show

When: 24th – 27th April 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain


Scenic aerial view of Port Vell from the top of Columbus Monument, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. A modern curving pedestrian bridge extends out from historic building in Barcelona and across the aquamarine waters of Port Vell, hemming in numerousdocked ships and yachts to the left.


There are a plethora of reasons to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona in the spring; the incredible gastronomy, the jaw-dropping architecture and the vibrancy of Spain’s most dynamic city, to name but three. However, yacht owners and those seeking to charter a luxury vessel flock to Barcelona’s stunning marina in droves each April to check out the MYBA Charter Show – one of Europe’s unmissable yachting events of the year.


The show kickstarts the Mediterranean charter season in peerless style, and is widely regarded as a genuine highlight of the Med yachting calendar. It’s a chance to meet the world’s leading charter captains and crews, uncover some astounding charter vessels, learn all about the year’s most attractive locations to sail, and get updated on the latest and greatest additional luxuries for those looking to get away from it all in style. It’s an industry-only event, but those lucky enough to be within the inner circles of the superyacht world can revel in a number of red carpet gatherings, galas, workshops and awards ceremonies, all set against the backdrop of one of the continent’s most alluring marinas.


Palma International Boat Show

When: 27th – 20th April 2023

Where: Palma, Mallorca


At a calm marina, classic sailing yachts in blue and white rest on their moorings, their masts gracing the sky. Through this veritable forest of ships masts, an old Spanish style gothic cathedral can be seen on a nearby hill.

photo by Stuart Pearce (courtesy of Palma International Boat Show)


Despite being less than a decade old, the Palma International Boat Show has more than proven its worth as one of the world’s most luxurious yachting events. Held in the stunning Balearics Moll Vell Marina in Palma, Mallorca, next year’s gala event is expected to play host to over 600 bonafide superyachts, making it one of the most glittering events of its kind on Earth.


With almost 90,000 square metres of exhibition space along the marina’s multitudinous boardwalks – with the majesty of the Atlantic ocean as the perfect setting – the Palma International Boat Show highlights the innovative and stylish nature of the superyacht industry in its entirety. Over the four days of the event, networks will be established, deals will be shook upon, and several seminars and discussions will take place.


This being the Balearics, there is also ample opportunity to check out the volcanic island’s incredible wine scene, with tastings and exhibitions from the region’s most respected and revered winemakers and chefs keeping the guests satisfied from start to finish. Parties, DJs, cocktail masterclasses and plenty of other entertainment options mean that this superyacht show in Palma is aimed squarely at a younger HNW crowd, and is one not to miss.

The Mediterranean Yacht Show

When: 29th April – 3rd May 2023

Where: Port Nafplio, Greece


Mediterranean villas with terracotta roofs slope gently toward a sea so glassy and blue it practically melts into the sky. Between the villas and the sea there is a boardwalk where a long line of yachts... at least 20 abreast.. recedes into the distance.

image courtesy of Mediterranean Yacht Show


For so many of us, when we think of superyachts and the yachting lifestyle, our thoughts immediately turn to the beautiful azure waters and myriad islands of Greece. The Mediterranean Yacht Show, widely believed to be the largest of its kind in the world, celebrates the country’s intimate and far-reaching relationship with luxury sailing, showcasing an incredible array of awe-inspiring vessels and the opulent accessories which form the backbone of this ever-evolving industry.


The scenic port of Nafplio will invite over 100 luxury vessels and no fewer than 450 high-flying yacht brokers in 2023, where new ideas will be displayed, new designs will be feted and the latest and greatest of the superyacht industry will be unveiled. The exclusive B2B event, The MEDYS, will see brokers obtaining first-hand insights into the East Mediterranean fleet, ensuring the year ahead promises a buoyant set of sales and charters for the scene as a whole.


Each day of the event promises a wide range of attractions for visitors to the show. Ships will be open for exploration, informative conferences will take place, and marine-oriented exhibitors will line the boardwalks while parties, dining events and late-night functions continue through to the early hours. While The Mediterranean Boat Show is still a relative newcomer to the yachting calendar, it’s already done more than enough to elevate itself to become a much-anticipated fixture, and one we’re sure will continue for many years to come.


The TYBA Yacht Charter Show

When: May 2023

Where: D-Marin Gocek Marina, Turkey


An aerial view of some ships docked at TYBA on sapphire hued seas that are glass-like with calm. Blue carpeting has been rolled out over the docks for this special event. On one side of these docks, traditional wooden sailing ships rest side by side. On the other side, a mix of modern and traditional ships are docked stem to stern.

image courtesy of TYBA Yacht Charter Show


May 2023 will see the exciting return of the TYBA Yacht Charter Show, one of the world’s most luxurious yachting events and a key fixture for those seeking to explore the fleet of the Eastern Mediterranean. Held each year in the beautiful five-star Gocek Marina, this event has become a real hotspot for a younger yachting audience seeking a vibrant alternative to the old-school charms of the Cote d’Azure.


The TYBA Yacht Charter show perfectly blends the convenience of getting up-close-and-personal with the region’s most majestic superyachts, with the dynamism of a world-class networking event. Workshops, conferences and brokerages make this show a must-visit event which highlights a spectacular corner of the world rapidly finding its feet on a peerlessly sophisticated scene. For those seeking to sail amid cultural hotspots, ancient landscapes and placid waters, there’s nowhere else quite like it.


Cannes Yachting Festival

When: 12th – 17th September 2023

Where: Cannes, France


In the distance, a weathered medieval castle sits atop a hill covered in tightly spaced townhomes. The townhomes have been painted in a variety of subtle warm hues from cream to antique-beige to pink-ish to coordinate with their shared terracotta roofs. The warm-hued townhomes cascade gently down the castle-topped hill toward the French Riviera, where it becomes clear that an important event is taking place. Sharply peaked white tents of many sizes surround the boardwalk like a snowy mountain range you might find drawn on a map. A special purple carpeting has been rolled out for the festival, and many pedestrians can be seen hustling about on it. Across from the tents and the purple carpeting, modern white yachts are docked as far as the eye can see.

photo courtesy of Cannes Yachting Festival


The French Riviera, and Cannes in particular, has been at the heart of the luxury yachting industry since its earliest years. The sparkling sea, golden beaches, incredible gastronomy and quintessentially Gallic nonchalence continues to draw in the UHNW individuals of the world, and the Cannes Yachting Festival makes the city a hub for those whose wealth and prestige is centred around these incredible vessels.


The festival itself attracts over 50,000 visitors annually, ranging from those seeking to purchase or charter some of the world’s most iconic vessels to brokerages, innovators, and aspirational visitors seeking to get a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Showcasing over 650 glamorous yachts – all built by world-beating shipyards – and 600 exhibitors displaying submersibles and other toys, lifestyle products and luxury brands alike, it’s a festival of opulence and beauty, driven by innovation and the pursuit of life’s finest features.


Cannes Yachting Festival is perhaps best known as the home of superyachting innovation, however. Each year, the festival acts as a launchpad for the latest industry developments and concepts, ranging from novel yacht propulsion systems to the most en-vogue interior design pitches and beyond. It’s a truly indulgent and unforgettable event, which is as much a spectacle of wealth and success as an industry fixture, and one no superyacht enthusiast should ever miss.


Monaco Yacht Show

When: 27th – 30th October 2023

Where: Port Hercule, Monaco, France


Below a semi-arid mountain dotted with bushes, an old stone fortress partially encompass a modern city brimming with stylish condos built to be close to the water. In the bay, four sleek super yachts... one black, the others white... tower over a tender boat of French origin.

image courtesy of Monaco Yacht Show


Glitzy, glamorous and quintessentially luxurious, The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the most prestigious maritime events in the world. Highly anticipated by not just industry insiders and yacht owners but also the full spectrum of HNW individuals, it’s an opportunity to celebrate life’s treasures and a broad range of opulent vehicles and accessories, all hosted within the magnificent setting of Port Hercule on the Riviera.


The Monaco Yacht Show features a meticulously-curated array of 100 mega-yachts and luxury vessels, on a strict invite-only basis to showcase the creme de la creme of the world’s most beautiful examples of shipbuilding. The show itself is renowned for its world premieres – for those looking to see the future of the yacht industry, there’s nowhere else quite like it – and it’s where the most high profile deals of the year take place.


With Monaco being Monaco, the annual festival isn’t just about superyachts. Indeed, visitors can discover over 500 exhibitors featuring everything from private jets to luxury concept vehicles; it’s an exquisite microcosm of the uppermost echelons in the world of high-end design, and a veritable playground for the super-rich. Talks, conferences, launches, award shows and (of course) gastronomic flights of fancy are also de riguer, making The Monaco Yacht Show a truly unparalleled event.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

When: 25th – 29th October 2023

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


Aerial image of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Tightly packed yachts almost completely fill a narrow inlet between the mainland and a barrier island. On the mainland side, a green residential area with large houses in eclectic contemporary styles. A sliver of deep blue water peeks out amidst increasingly densely packed ships leading up to the barrier island on the other side. In the distance, on the barrier island, high rise hotels and condos tower over the palm trees, resort pools, and smattering of yachts below.


The final major superyacht event of the year takes place in the sunshine state’s key yachting capital, which many consider the luxury boating capital of the world. Each October, thousands of industry exhibitors and over 1,200 luxury vessels head to Fort Lauderdale for the largest superyacht festival on Earth – an awe-inspiring gathering of everything we love most about the high-end nautical industry.


The five-day event covers an astonishing three million square feet, meaning that visitors to FLIBS (as it is affectionately known) can truly immerse themselves in the innovative spectacle on its stunning beachside setting. Relaxed yet dynamic, elite yet welcoming, it’s a calendar fixture for mega-wealthy and aspirational delegates, where incredible yachts and supercars – amongst many other exhibitions – are highlighted in wondrous style.

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