The Most Valuable Superyachts on Earth

When it comes to vehicles and possessions which exude the absolute utmost in opulence, the zenith of ostentatious displays of wealth and the absolute in extravagance, nothing quite sets the bar like a superyacht.

From princes and monarchs to oligarchs, business moguls and assorted world-leading tycoons, the superyacht is a status symbol unlike any other. Seafaring palaces, bedecked in rare and precious materials, they’re always sure to draw crowds of admiring and fascinating glances when they pull in, floating monolith-like, to the most luxurious port towns and marinas on Earth.

Perhaps the most mesmerising aspect of the superyacht industry is that the limits of possibility, the headiest heights of imaginative engineering, and the already lofty maxims of design are almost without fail superseded with each and every year. In an exclusive industry aimed squarely and solely at the richest and most powerful consumers in the world, too much is never quite enough. More is most definitely more, and decadence and elegance have the potential to be redefined with every showstopping launch.

As such, superyachts keep getting bigger. They keep getting faster. They keep getting more and more glamorous and eye-wateringly sophisticated… and as such, they keep getting more expensive. With the billion dollar mark already broken at the top end of the industry, the innately competitive nature of the UHNW individuals of the world continues to challenge the planet’s most ambitious boatyards. The result? Smashed records, reinventions of the wheel, and bold new wonders consistently achieved.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at a rundown of the world’s most expensive and glamorous superyachts. Criss-crossing the Mediterranean and frequenting the spectacular marinas of Monaco, the Arabian Gulf, Bali and beyond, these vessels are the pride, joy and fiercely-guarded possessions of the world’s most elite individuals.

Awe-inspiringly impressive when glimpsed on the horizon, even more so when witnessed up close, and truly astonishing on the inside, these are – without a shadow of a doubt – some of the most beautiful and meticulously-crafted vehicles imaginable.


10. Pelorus $300 Million

An imposing large white yacht, Pelorus, sits moored on a blue-grey river on an overcast day.

Photo by: Martin Lueke/Shutterstock

Constructed by the world-beating Lürssen shipyard back in 2003, Pelorus was destined to be a record-breaking vessel from its very earliest inception. Sitting in a league of its own, the beautiful vessel is currently owned by Hong Kong real estate billionaire Samuel Tak Lee, who bought Pelorus from a member of the UAE royal dynasty (who chose to remain anonymous) for $1 billion – a truly groundbreaking sum at the time. Those weren’t the only owners of this magnificent vessel, however. It was previously a prized possession of Hollywood mogul David Geffen, as well as among the collection of superyacht enthusiast and Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

Taking its name, most fittingly, from the ancient Greek word for ‘enormous’, the 115-metre ship’s opulent interior was designed by superyacht maestro Terence Disdale, and Tim Heywood – in partnership with engineering firm Wärtsilä – designed the exterior and engines. It’s a superyacht that packs a considerable punch on the waves, reaching a top speed of 20 knots, and features a beautiful expansive deck as well as a spacious private deck exuding from the main suite.


9. Al Said $300 Million

Al Said looms so large over neighboring boats at a dock in Muscat, Oman, that you could be forgiven for mistaking her for a cruise ship. The very tall white yacht with blue accents rests over a jewel-toned sea on a calm, sunny day.Photo by: Ngoc Tran/Shutterstock

While some superyachts act as private havens for discreet billionaires to retire to, others are veritable floating palaces, fit for balls, banqueting and parties of the most opulent nature. The 159-metre Al Said, the 7th longest privately-owned ship on the sea, is definitely in the latter category.

Owned by the Sultan of Oman, Al Said is capable of accommodating up to 70 guests and over 150 crew members, thanks to its dazzling number of rooms, cabins and private suites. While few details of its doubtlessly beautiful interior features are in the public domain, it is known to have a fully-equipped concert hall, built to house a 50-piece orchestra, and an accompanying ballroom and full-sized leisure area.

8. Radiant $320 Million

The Radiant, superyacht with a ocean-blue lower hull and white upper decks, is spotted sailing out to sea near the hilly coast of Monte Carlo.Photo by: Drozdin Vladimir/Shutterstock

With some considerable fanfare, the superlative design team at Lürssen launched Radiant back in 2009. It is currently listed as the 32nd largest luxury vessel in the world, and is presently in the ownership of Abdulla Al Futtain, a UAE multimillionaire with a propensity for ostentatious purchases and a dazzlingly extravagant lifestyle.

Lürssen was keen to highlight the technological advances that Radiant represented, proclaiming it a triumph for the shipyard due to its astounding power and acceleration. With a pair of MTU 16V 1163 TB73L engines within its flawless hull, the yacht churns out an incredible 8715 horsepower on the waves. However, the true glory of Radiant is its multifaceted interiors, which have been designed to offer a glamorous retreat for its owner and guests while at sea. The ship features a gym – complete with sauna, steam room and spa – as well as a sizable swimming pool, cinema, and on-deck jacuzzi.


7. Motor Yacht A $323 Million

Two men in white shirts look at futuristic looking white yacht with wrap around windows above the main deck, moored on the Thames in London England. Photo by: Leon Neal/Getty

Don’t let the dull name mislead you – Motor Yacht A is a spectacularly innovative and luxurious vessel, with a design and body shape which, once seen, is simply never forgotten. Launched by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg, it was created to the specifications of Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, who longed for a superyacht based on the forms of a stealth warship and Soviet submarine.

The results are nothing less than remarkable. That sleek, imposing shape is quite unlike any other luxury vessel on the sea, and this superyacht – whether sailing the Maldives or pulling into Monte Carlo marina – never fails to make an impact. As one might expect, the interiors are both vast and extravagantly decorated; Motor Yacht A features six enormous guest bedrooms as well as the master suite, each fitted with moveable walls allowing the inhabitants to tailor their living space to their desires. In true oligarch style, the yacht also features a 2,500 square foot disco, perfect for entertaining those lucky enough to spend time on this utterly unique vessel.


6. Serene $330 Million

Serene, a ship with a striking mostly black hull with stark white accents, sits moored at a dock in Miami, Florida.Photo by: Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

With its striking monochrome appearance and luxuriant black hull, Serene is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful superyachts in the world today. Designed by EspenOeino, its stark colour scheme and effortlessly sleek lines make this vessel a high point in the engineering firm’s portfolio. The interiors too – bedecked in marble and gilt flourishes – were a triumph of Reymond Langton Design, and commissioned by Yuri Shefler, a Russian vodka magnate.

At 8321 tons and 440 feet in length, Serene has the capacity to house 64 passengers and 54 full-time crew members, each committed to ensuring the utmost in comfort and luxury for Shefler, his family, and his closest friends. With 24 double cabins, each fitted in tropical hardwoods and Italian marble, it’s an opulent ship on which no expense has been spared.


5. Dubai $350 Million

Super yacht "Dubai" is moored at the Doha Sailing Club in Qatar on an overcast day. The massive white yacht gleams brightly against a grey sky and grey sea.Photo by: Ross Land/Getty

A luxury superyacht which takes its name from the planet’s most ostentatious city is always going to be a wonder to behold, and the stark white – and utterly enormous – Dubai certainly lives up to even the wildest of expectations. Commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei and crafted by the twin dream team of Blohm + Voss and Lürssen, Dubai was launched in 2006 to the wonder of the yachting world.

The ship was given a considerable overhaul by its second owner, a certain Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum, who ordered a redesign of the interiors to meet his lavish tastes. This included covering almost every surface with the most beautiful hand-made tiles, gilt detailing and exotic marbles, fitting new sun decks, a series of jacuzzis, and – perhaps most famously – a magnificent central staircase which changes its hues with the sunlight streaming from above. Classical-inspired mosaics cover the floor, and the private suites are among the largest on the superyachting scene.


4. Motor Yacht A+ / Topaz $527 Million

Motor Yacht A+, a white yacht with a steeply angled bow, sits moored in Barcelona Spain. She towers over the adjacent brick quay as passers-by casting long shadows walk quietly below on a sunny evening.Photo by: Tutti Frutti/Shutterstock

Formerly known as Topaz, Motor Yacht A+ is a megalithic superyacht boasting 147 metres, a 21 metre beam, and an awe-inspiring 7990 horsepower engine that unleashes a top speed of 25.5 knots on the waves. Renowned for an array of industry-beating electronic and technological features – as well as its vast interior space which includes cavernous leisure rooms, a spectacular central ‘hall’ and pristinely-designed living quarters – Motor Yacht A+ is currently owned by the Deputy Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The sun deck provides ample space for sunbathing and relaxing in front of an outdoor cinema screen… which is exactly what Hollywood royalty Leonardo DiCaprio did during a recent World Cup. Indeed, the actor made full use of the twin helipads on board the yacht, inviting 20 close friends to enjoy the sporting competition in peerless style, and the utmost in discretion.


3. Azzam $600 Million

Azzam, a massive white yacht with 5(!) upper decks, is docked at the shipping port of Casablanca Morocco at dawn... all 5 of it's deck lights are illuminated. Cranes prepare numerous colorful shipping containers for transfer in the background of this bustling port..Photo by: Andy Ginns /Shutterstock

What does $600 million buy you? If you’re so inclined, it could purchase nothing less than the largest private yacht in the world; Lürssen’s industry-beating Azzam. This luxurious and supersized vessel measures in at an astonishing 179 metres, and is widely regarded as the most beautiful superyacht on the sea. Engineered with meticulous attention paid to the smoothness of its sailing capacity (the ship is reportedly so well-balanced, the chandeliers hang perfectly still even when sailing at full tilt), Azzam is a wonder of superyacht design, boasting four layered sun decks and a multitude of viewing platforms.

When one owns a yacht of this value and ostentatious elegance, it’s understandable that thoughts turn to security and safety. Azzam is not only one of the world’s fastest yachts with a top speed of 30 knots, it’s also one of the most well-guarded and secure private vessels on the ocean. With a missile defence system as part of its security set-up and a bulletproof main suite, Azzam is as much a fortress as it is an opulent seagoing vehicle.


2. Eclipse $1.5 Billion

The 3-deck white-hulled superyacht, Eclipse, is anchored off a cliffy beach in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza Spain. Night is falling, and a sleepy town twinkles atop the cliffs, miles away. Eclipse herself puts on a dazzling light show with dozens of underwater circular lights, giving the stately yacht a glowing turquoise halo around it's waterline.Photo by: Pilguj / Shutterstock

Russian business mogul Roman Abramovich is a man known for his love of superyachts, opulent purchases, and a lifestyle which sets no limits on luxury. It is, therefore, quite fitting that he should be the present owner of Eclipse – not his first or only superyacht, but undoubtedly his most spectacular, most valuable, and most jaw-droppingly impressive.

Constructed by Hamburg’s superyacht go-to shipyard, Blohm + Voss, Eclipse is a monumental 536 feet in length, making it the second-largest ship of its kind in the world. However, its size is put to the most sumptuous of uses, as the Eclipse features a literal boat-load of luxurious amenities. With 24 double guest cabins, a pair of full-size swimming pools, a plethora of hot tubs, a discotheque, two helipads, a mini submarine (capable of diving 50 metres below the sea) and three launch boats, it’s as well-stocked as a superyacht can possibly be. What’s more, Eclipse features next-gen intruder detection systems and a fully-operational sea-to-air missile setup, ensuring its passengers’ full safety and security.


1. History Supreme $4.8 Billion

History Supreme, an over-the-top yacht with a gold lower hull, a white deck, and a huge glass-enclosed cockpit, kicks up spray as it goes "full speed ahead" over a choppy, deep blue sea.Photo Courtesy of: Stuart Hughes

Sitting in pole position is the legendary History Supreme, arguably the most beautiful – and undeniably the most valuable – superyacht in the world today. Suspected to be the property of Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok (although its owner is an official secret), History Supreme takes opulence and luxury to hitherto unimagined and unimaginable new heights.

The master suite of this peerlessly-elegant vessel is bedecked in some of the rarest decorative features on Earth, including a sculpture carved from meteorite, and design flourishes made from – seriously – a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Also within the master cabin, to complete the Bond-villain aesthetic, is a 24-karat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium and a display cabinet featuring an 18.5-carat diamond valued at $45 million. The precious materials on this beautifully-realised vessel don’t end there, either. The ship itself is crafted from 100,000kg of gold and platinum, providing its dazzling finish and going some way towards explaining its astronomical multi-billion dollar value.


An Industry Built on Dazzling Dynamism

There you have it – the ten most valuable superyachts in the world today. As is always the case in the highest of high-value industries, this list represents not only the zenith of a sizable iceberg of beautiful vessels… it’s also likely to shift and change considerably within the next decade.

New innovations, new styles, new whims of luxury fashion and new concepts in shipbuilding are sure to introduce new contenders with even more dazzling features. Indeed, the concept ship Streets of Monaco, set to launch any day now, is already reimagining superyacht design for a new generation of UHNW individuals. Watch this space, and watch the waves.

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