The Super Cars Appreciating in Value in 2023

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As most collectors will tell you, the used car market isn’t the best place to find game-changing returns. Even in the headiest heights of the luxury vehicle and supercar market, value has a habit of dropping quickly after the initial all-guns-blazing launch date.

Indeed, having the latest ultra kitted-out motor might feel fantastic while you’re tearing up the open road, but it would be foolish to imagine that you’re sitting on a V8-powered goldmine while testing out those 0-60 credentials. There are plenty of reasons for this: the fickle finger of fashion has a way of causing even the most impressive of supercars to look dated and clunky within a few short years. What’s more, the rate at which vehicle technology shifts and evolves is one of breakneck speeds and paradigm-shifting twists and turns – just look at how the EV supercar industry is turning the narrative completely on its head in 2023.

Of course, there are a number of thrilling exceptions to this rule. Amid the flash-in-the-pan megahits of the supercar world – those which command astronomical prices at launch before losing their value year on year – there are the slow burners, the cult favourites, and those which become bonafide collectors items. To get your hands on one of these cars was likely a happy accident; they’re vehicles which were fallen in love with years ago. Over time, the devotion they inspired spread like wildfire through the petrolhead community and caused them to send sparks through the auction houses of the world.

As such, the supercars and luxury vehicles that appreciate the most in value aren’t necessarily the ones we’d expect to command the highest prices or garner the greatest returns. They’re often those which – perhaps surprisingly – ended up defining a genre, a generation or a particular approach to car design. Perhaps they’re associated with high points of pop culture, or possessed a particular game-changing feature or piece of technology.

With that in mind, we’re not focusing today so much on the ultra-rare collectible cars of antiquity. There are plenty of cars from the early 1900s and through the first half of the 20th century which will always elicit gasps of appreciation and cause a buzz at auction, but this is generally due to their rarity and historical significance. Today, we’re looking at ten cars which are a collector’s dream; those which may well have been launched with some fanfare in their heyday, but which became cult items over the next few decades and continue to inspire excitement among enthusiasts and aficionados of everything with horsepower.

At Aurae Lifestyle, we know exactly how much a great opportunity means to our community of high-flying members and collectors of luxury. Whether cars, whisky, art, or beyond, it’s central to what we do best.

With that in mind, let’s dive right in and take a look at the supercars and luxury vehicles which have appreciated impressively in value. It’s far from an exhaustive list, but it’s a solid rundown to give you an idea of where to cast your collector’s eye should you be in the market for an icon on four wheels.


Porsche Carrera GT

For a generation of supercar enthusiasts and collectors raised on playing Gran Turismo in their teenage bedrooms, the Porsche Carrera GT will always have a special place in the heart.

It was one of the quintessential supercars of the mid-2000s – an absolutely crazy period in the hypercar industry – and beautifully captured the dedication to raw power, sleek futurist design and often absurd additional features that typified the era. Unsurprisingly, Porsche’s rare foray into the world of hypercars sits in pole position on this rundown of timeless vehicles for a collection.

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Nostalgia aside, the Carrera GT packed the unmistakable roar of a V10 engine, and it’s not a car for the faint-hearted or for those who cannot get enough of the blistering speed such a setup can unleash. Upon release, prices were set at around $440k, but recent auctions have seen the Carrera GT break through the $1 million mark. With its iconic look and peerless power and grace, it’s not hard to see why.


Dodge Viper GTS

Like the Porsche Carrera GT above, the Dodge Viper GTS has seen a boom in popularity in recent years, most notably among collectors seeking out the releases launched between the golden years of 1996 and 2002. It similarly harkens back to a golden age of virtual racing games and glossy bedroom car posters – perhaps more so than any supercar of its era, the Dodge Viper GTS looked like the future of the industry; muscular, sleek and impossibly sexy.

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The Viper GTS was very much the pinnacle of an era of American hypercar design, and not just as a result of its curves and low-slung body that rippled with attitude. Beneath the hood was hidden an 8I V10 hooked up to a six-speed manual transmission, capable of unleashing an eye-watering 450 horsepower – an almost unimaginable level of grunt for its time.

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Interestingly, up until around 2020, the Viper GTS wasn’t making any significant ripples in the car collectors scene with prices laying fairly flat. However, as a certain generation came of age and into the peak of their wealth potential, there has been significant interest in this 90s supercar icon and values are ascending rapidly. It’s most certainly one to watch.


Ferrari F50

No list of iconic supercars currently making waves in auction houses would be complete without some mention of the Ferrari F50, a vehicle that – if you were around in the 90s – truly needs no introduction. With its pristine aerodynamic wedge shape and peerless Italian design, it’s genuinely one of the most recognisable supercars ever manufactured, and whenever one comes up for auction, the global petrolhead community holds its breath.

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Why? Well, it mainly comes down to a seriously impressive set of specs that made 1995 a vintage year for the hypercar scene. A naturally-aspirated 4.71 V12 engine that revealed an incredible 514 horsepower, and the capability to hit 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds – it really was a game-changer that made supercar brands across the planet sit up, take notice, and start aiming higher (and faster) than ever before.

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However, when it came to collectibility, the F50 was something of a slow-burner (at least, as far as Ferrari cars go). This was, almost ironically, down to the astronomical success and iconic stature of the F40 that came before, as well as because of the F50s ambitious body shape and all-out futuristic design. Quite simply, the world wasn’t ready. This was, of course, great news for those planning ahead: the F50 cost about $475k on release, but that value rocketed up to $2.5 million in more recent years, making it one of the most collectible cars in the world.


Aston Martin Vanquish (2004 – 2007)

The year 2001 saw the release of the very first generation of Aston Martin Vanquish models, with the British luxury car manufacturer entering the new millennium with renewed vigour and an eye firmly on reinvention. Instantly popular, not least due to Aston Martin’s reinvigorated association with the James Bond franchise, it wasn’t until 2004 that the Vanquish was really perfected with the Vanquish S, which saw horsepower boosted from 460 to 520.

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This was a vehicle built around comfort, elegance and astonishing performance; that front-ended configuration made the Vanquish S a stunning GT car capable of stunning pace on the open road, and incredible handling on twists, turns and backstreets alike.

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Collection-wise, it’s been a meandering path for the Vanquish. The depreciation period was almost inevitable through the 2010s, but value for this vehicle is back in rude health with appreciation on the up and up. This really comes down to the fact that the Aston Martin Vanquish S is considered one of the most ‘authentic’ modern cars the luxury brand has made; it’s a vehicle built for the joy of driving, and has been meticulously designed to immerse the driver in delight and exhilaration from the moment the ignition kicks in. The predictions for Vanquish releases from the early 2000s? It’s a bonafide modern classic, and one which might keep alluring collectors for years to come.


Ford GT (2004 – 2006)

The new millennium saw plenty of supercar manufacturers looking into their brand history for inspiration, and Ford took theirs from the iconic Le Mans-winning GT40 that defined racing in the golden era of 1960s high-octane track events. In 2004, they brought this winning style back to the fore in a road-going format. Ford did a stunning job of reimagining their multi-race winning supercar with a vehicle that looked almost identical, but clearly displayed an incredible evolution in handling and performance.

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The Ford GT offered drivers a 550 horsepower created by a 5.4l supercharged V8 with six-speed manual transmission – this was a racecar built for the open road, and one which serious supercar fans couldn’t get enough of. With just over 4000 MK1 GTs being released over a limited three-year run of production, it’s a rare vehicle (especially outside the US, where collectors fall over each other to get their hands on one) and one which has shown impressive appreciation in value. This is because the original release cost a relatively low $140k; a figure which has risen over 400% in recent auctions.


Maserati MC12

In the world of high-flying supercar collections, scarcity is one of the key indicators of value and fantastic opportunities. When it comes to limited run supercars that made their way onto the bucket lists of vehicle collectors, the Maserati MC12 is right up there with the all-time greats.

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With only 50 standard vehicles ever produced, this beautiful hypercar is a veritable unicorn of a luxury vehicle. A truly striking design and incredible engine specs adds to its iconic appeal, and taking inspiration from the equally iconic Ferrari Enzo while aiming for road-worthy usability was a recipe for success. Simply put, the MC12 was the car that put Maserati back on track and back into the hearts and minds of car lovers the world over.

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With all of this in mind, it comes as no real surprise that the magnetism for the Maserati MC12 is really second-to-none when it comes to modern supercars collections. Sure, it cost an eye-watering $800k upon release, but recent auctions of this legendary vehicle saw bids fly over the $2 million mark – not bad at all.


Lamborghini Diablo

Thrillingly undignified, bratty and with a blistering attitude-driven style, the Diablo was Lamborghini’s statement vehicle of the 1990s and graced the bedroom walls of countless teenage car fans through the day-glo decade. No wonder, therefore, it’s one of the most coveted supercars of the 2020s, with those teenagers all grown up and at the peak of their spending power and in search of nostalgic thrills.

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Its 11 year run saw the Diablo undertake numerous guises, but surprisingly, no more than 3,000 releases ever hit the road. Initially powered by a 5.7l V12 – which was replaced by a throatier 6l V12 in 1999 – the Diablo was renowned for its unforgettable driveability and comfort, not least in comparison to its predecessor The Countach, which revelled in a more rough-and-ready approach. Nonetheless, a top speed stripping past the 200 MPH mark made the Diablo a legend in its own lifetime, something which was further bolstered by its vibrant and oh-so 1990s visual impact.

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The consensus around the Diablo is that its value actually hasn’t yet peaked, and greater returns are yet to come as 90s nostalgia reaches ever giddier heights. As such, those lucky enough to be in possession of one of these cars should hang onto them for a little longer, and be sure to treat them with the respect such an iconic supercar deserves.


Lexus LFA

2012 was a flagship year for Lexus. The luxury car brand had been in the market of smooth-running family and commuter vehicles for as long as anyone could remember, and while they were invariably beautiful and impressive, the realm of supercars was somewhat outside of the brand remit. However, the LFA turned this perception on its head – little did we know that the previous ten years at Lexus HQ had been dedicated to the production of a car to rival the bigger names on the supercar scene, and the release had been delayed time and time again in the pursuit of perfection.

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The LFA was certainly a far cry from anything Lexus had unveiled before. A 4.8l V10 cranking out 552 horsepower allowed it to hit 60 MPH in 3.6 seconds, but questions abounded whether or not such stats made it worthy of its eye-watering $375k price tag – a value which put it in the territory of supercars made by far more iconic brands.

Well, eleven years on, the market has dictated that the matching of Lexus’ signature commitment to comfort and style with old-school Formula 1 stats and a truly beautiful roar was a masterstroke. With only 500 LFAs ever being produced, the scarcity of the car and its peerless performance mean its value has more or less doubled, and auction houses are predicting its value to continue rising for several years to come.


There you have it – our pick of the supercars and luxury vehicles collectors in 2023 have their eye on. At Aurae Lifestyle, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to take your UHNW lifestyle to new heights of opulence, elegance and distinction. From our beautifully-crafted gold credit cards to a concierge service unlike any other, when it comes to adding value and unleashing all of life’s wonders, we truly have you covered.


*Appreciation has happened historically, however, past appreciation may or may not be an indicator of future value. This article’s purpose is general education, speak to a professional about investment and the financial risks of purchasing these types of cars.

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